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Nobody! I mean nobody gets by the Mathematician!
―The Mathematician  [GC]
Guess all the good names were taken?
Ratchet  [GC]
Watch your mouth zero, before the Mathematician subtracts your head from your shoulders!
―The Mathematician  [GC]

The Mathematician was a "number-crunching" representative for the MegaCorp Games. He waited on planet Dobbo for anyone who wished to participate and sent them to battle in Lunar City on Dobbo's moon, to see if they had what it takes to compete in the MegaCorp Games. It could be noted that the Mathematician often talked using math-related words such as "subtract," "divide," "reduce you to nothing,", "prime" and "zero." He had what appears to be a calculator with Pi in its screen.

He later appeared in the welcoming video for the Thugs-4-Less Prison as the galactic nutritionist, who would ensure inmates were eating a species-appropriate diet.

He attended the premiere of a Secret Agent Clank film after Nefarious's defeat.

Behind the scenes

The Mathematician was voiced by Steven Jay Blum, who is listed as the Gladiator. Steven Jay Blum also voiced the Thug Leader and the Loki Master.


Galactic Nutricionist

The Mathematician as the Galactic Nutritionist

Notes and references

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