The Markazians are a bipedal humanoid species in the Solana Galaxy from planet Novalis. They were very human-looking with pointy ears and light purple colored skin.


The Markazians were bipedal and light purple-skinned humanoids with females who typically stood at 5 ft in average height. They had pointed ears and their overall skeletal structure and facial features were generally more like those of humans. Their bodies also possessed minimal hair, and most of their hair grew off their scalps. Unlike most other species (with the exception of the Lombaxes), Markazians possessed five fingered hands giving Markazians a higher dexterity than other species

Behind the scenes

The females Markazians (Talwyn Apogee) had tails in the original series. While the re-imagined Markazian females (Cora Veralux) seem to lack the tail.


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