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Capital City

Ratchet and Clank, in Capital City

The Solana Galaxy's seat of power, Marcadia was home to the Presidential Compound where the Galactic President and the Galactic Government resided. It was also the location of the Galactic Rangers headquarters. Its surface was mostly orange. Capital City was a large beautiful metropolis, with many palace-like buildings with gilded roofs. The surface water was red.

One of the most well-defended planets in the galaxy, Marcadia was breached by the Tyhrranoids and the mechanics were worked overtime to repair the damage.

The capital of Marcadia, Capital City was home to The Galactic President and all other Galactic establishments, who reside at presidential Compound. Capital City is a very heavily-defended city, as it is home to the Galactic Rangers's headquarters. It has been breached only once (by the Tyhrranoids), and since then its defenses have been further upgraded. All buildings in the city appear to be palace-like, with gilded roofs. During the Tyhrranoid invasion Capital City was badly damaged and the streets were ruined.

The Laser Defense Facility on Marcadia was built to defend Capital City against enemies. However, the facility was turned off, and the lasers went haywire, only to become stable when Ratchet used the Refractor against them. It turned out that the lasers acted unusual because of Big Al using the main computer to play a Qwark vid-comic.


Tyhrranoid invasion

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Tyhrranoid forces invaded Marcadia under the orders of Dr. Nefarious. Ratchet and Clank helped the Galactic Rangers to fight off the Tyhrranoids, in a series of missions as part of Operation: IRON SHIELD.


Capital City and Bakisi Isles were the only two visited locations on Marcadia.

Characters on Marcadia