Maraxus Prison is a multiplayer map in Ratchet: Deadlocked. It is an abandoned prison on the planet of Maraxus, this place takes no prisoners with its arid winds and desert heat, but I am sure you can handle it. Getting used to the uneqiuvalance on this level is key to figuring out where everything is. It can get confusing because it is a pathway of tunnels and underposts, like Mining Facility. The Pumas and Hoverbikes will help you a lot in this level and capturing the high ground would be a good start. Especially when there are Arbiters and Fusion Rifles ready to be taken advantage of. The wide open areas will be mainly used for large combat situations and hidden sniping. Did I also mention there is this huge room in the middle of the level with a node and a Quad Damage power-up?


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