Maraxus was a desert world that was at some point used as a prison for troublemakers around the Shadow Sector. The Maraxus Prison was heavily guarded by Air Patrols that used Bogos as weapons. The Maraxus Prison was apparently abandoned and subsequently used by Gleeman Vox of the Vox Media Empire as a battlecourse for his combat reality HV show DreadZone. The battlecourse had the contestant alone, with his or her battlebots imprisoned in the Maraxus Prison, giving the contestant the objective to free them and escape. During his time on DreadZone, Ratchet was dropped on Maraxus and given the task to free his battlebots, Merc and Green. He freed them after making his way through Beta Block and Delta Block, being the only contestant in the history of DreadZone to make his way through the prison. A planet resembling Maraxus could be seen in the sky from Stratus City on planet Kortog, indicating it is close to the Polaris Galaxy.


Placed of interest

Wildlife and Flora


  • Shriekers: Shriekers originally came Sarathos, but were introduced to Maraxus by unknown means. They were small two legged predators.


Behind the scenes

The Maraxian Slugbeast was some sort of beast native to Maraxus. They were cut from the game.