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For the weapon, see Marauder.
Get me out of this thing you Blarg-headed frak monkey! I can barely breathe and my tail feels like it's been shoved right up my—
Ratchet to Al, after the latter first activated the armor's speech function  [Deadlocked]

Marauder armor was the first DreadZone armor Ratchet acquired. Ratchet started the DreadZone competitions with the red colored marauder armor. Marauder armor could be equipped again, after acquiring more armor, at the Skins menu. It was standard DreadZone armor and did not have a space for a tail so Ratchet's tail was squashed into the armor.

As you progress through the game, it seems that this kind of armor does NOT provide any defensive benefits as it evolves, unlike past and future games. Even at the maximum Liberator level, it seems to not deduct any amount of damage done to Ratchet's health or provide additional protection to his Nanotech.


Ratchet Deadlocked promotional art Marauder armor

Ratchet in Marauder armor

Ratchet's DreadZone starter suit, with some slight modifications by Al.
―Vox Industries armor description  [Deadlocked]
  • A marauder is a person who moves around in search of something to steal, burn, or destroy.

Behind the scenes

Ratchet jak x

Ratchet in Jak X

A Marauder helmet (presumably Ratchet's) appears as the icon for Ratchet: Deadlocked on a PlayStation 2 memory card save file. Another Marauder helmet appears on the PS2 disk.

The armor (without the helmet) is worn by Ratchet in Jak X and the cancelled game Ratchet & Clank: Clone Home.



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