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Featuring the latest techniques in quantum subspace detection and exploration, the Map-O-Matic is able to quickly and efficiently display all the areas of any planet! To use, simply view the planetary map - even secret areas are revealed with Gadgetron's Map-O-Matic!
— In-game description, SM

The Map-O-Matic is an item in Ratchet & Clank, Up Your Arsenal and Size Matters. It is an illegal expansion to existing map technology[1] that locates valuable items and hidden locations using Hypermatic signals. This allows the player to find hidden items.

In Ratchet & Clank, it can locate gold bolts among other items, and is acquired from the HelpDesk Girl at the Gadgetron Site on Kalebo III after traversing grind rails. In Up Your Arsenal, it can locate titanium bolts, sewer crystals and other items, and is obtained by completing the Galactic Ranger missions on planet Kerwan. In Size Matters, it can locate titanium bolts and can be purchased from a Gadgetron vendor.

In Going Commando, the MegaCorp manufactured Mapper can be obtained, with identical functionality. In Tools of Destruction, A Crack in Time and Into the Nexus, the identical Treasure Mapper can be obtained, which uses space pirate technology.


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