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Maktar la Nebuleuse

Maktar Resort (also known as MegaCorp Space Casino or Maktar Casino) was a floating holiday resort in the heart of the Maktar Nebula, between a farther-off red planet, and a nearer blue planet. It was known throughout the Bogon Galaxy for it's entertainment and excitement.[1] It was also the location of the Galactic Gladiators arena.

Liberation of the Resort


Ratchet explores the Maktar Resort

Ratchet arrived at the Resort after seeing the Galactic Gladiators arena commercial at the MegaCorp Outlet on planet Oozla. On the way there, he was intercepted by a Thugs-4-Less fleet in the Wupash Nebula.

During Ratchet's stay at the casino, Thugs-4-Less had completely taken over and tourists were nowhere to be seen. The Thugs had also stopped the Galactic Gladiators broadcasts by forcing a small moon-sized Jamming Array into space. Said Jamming Array orbited near the aforementioned red planet. Luckily, Ratchet was able to liberate the casino by defeating the Thugs-4-Less soldiers and destroy the array.

There was also a strong presence of MegaCorp Chickenbot in the entire Resort.

Once the Thugs-4-Less garrison was no longer active in the Resort, Ratchet was able to participate in the Galactic Gladiators arena, where he would win the Electrolyzer and defeat powerful gladiators such as Chainblade and the B2 Brawler.

The Resort later appeared in one of Secret Agent Clank's films, as the lair of the villainous Maximillian.

Also, in Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, the duo visited the digital Maktar Casino while they were transported in a Secret Agent Clank Holo-Vid.

Resort facilities

The entire Resort was organized around a large, rotating dome, which was the arena where the Gladiator battles were fought. Ratchet would meet heavy Thugs-4-Less resistance while attempting to gain access to the arena via a secondary entrance. The main entrance was less well guarded, as it was inaccessible at first. Only after Ratchet had won the Electrolyzer in the arena could he make the arena more easily accessible: The starting area of the Resort and the arena's main entrance were separated by a large expanse of empty space. There was only a small floating island between the entrance to the dome and the starting point. 

Ratchet could use the Electrolyzer to deploy two bridges that would link the entrance and the starting area via said island.

There was a photo-booth on this island where tourists could take pictures where it would look like they were wearing gladiator armor. Ratchet took one of these pictures, but immediately after doing so, the booth showed a recording of the Thief torturing Clank. After viewing this recording, Ratchet would gain the coordinates of planet Endako.

There were also slot machines all over the Resort, as well as floating screens that advertised the Galactic Gladiators arena.

There were taxis that provided quicker access to different parts of the Resort. One of these taxis could even take Ratchet as far as the Jamming Array.


  • In the Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando HD re-release and Ratchet & Clank Collection, the Maktar Resort doesn't rotate at all.
  • The floating screens found around the resort have a hidden image of Jak and Daxter that can only be seen by breaking them and looking at the debris. The image is hidden on the third side of the triangular prisms used to switch between the MegaCorp and Thugs-4-Less logos.

Behind the scenes

The level was originally named "Space Vegas", but Insomniac Games found that this was already trademarked, so that they had to change the name.[2]


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