Magnus was a large planet with varied terrain, ranging from rocky cliffs deep canyons and vast oceans. It was located mysteriously somewhere within the Polaris Galaxy. After Ephemeris the Creature Collector captured Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious, it transported them to this planet. Magnus was populated by a vast amount of differing creatures, but it was known to be inhabited by Tharpods, the sentient lifeforms who were in tune with nature and were known to have small critters as pets.


Aldaros Plains

The Aldaros Plains was home to the Minion Training Centre. However, surrounding the centre were segments of the plains floating in the air, apparently caused by the Gravity Minions. It also contains a small Tharpod village. It was known for Gravoids and an Octomoth.

The Deadgrove

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The Deadgrove was a forest-like canyon in which the Minions were mining at the bottom. The heroes had to fight through the area against Grove Beetles, Dreadgrubs, and a massive Wigwump. After defeating the Wigwump, they found the first Holo-Diary, and then set out to find Commander Spog at the N.E.S.T.


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The N.E.S.T seemed to be located somewhere near the Aldaros Plains, attached to a high rocky cliff where Commander Spog was located. The area was noted for containing a factory that created new minions and cataloged and sorted new creatures to Magnus, including Weevoids. The heroes defeated Commander Spog, but his voice modulator was damaged. Clank got Dr. Nefarious to fix it, and Commander Spog told them that Ephemeris was at Terawatt Forest beyond Octonock Cay.

Octonok Cay

Octonok Cay was a shipwreck junkyard containing a Tharpod fishing village that Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious had to cross using a raft. The area contains a lighthouse as well as a W.A.S.P., which the heroes had to disable. It was known for the Slorgs, Flabberfishes, and Sepiads.

Terawatt Forest

Terawatt Forest was a deep and mysterious forest with plants and animals mutated by a strange comet crash that occurred there eons before the present. It was also the last known location of Dr. Croid, who knew about the Creature Collector. There were also several huge Guardian robots here that served to protect the Hall Of Paradoxology. Other creatures included Anthropods, Shard Beasts, and Razormouths.

Polar Sea

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Polar Sea was an icy polar sea in which the heroes crash-landed after being hit by the Creature Collector. With its freezing temperatures, it had naturally occurring ice slopes, thin ice sheets and high cliffs. The area was known for the Grungoths and Flabberfish.

Uzo City

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Uzo City was a Tharpod city ravaged by Commander Spog. It contains a charging station for the Creature Collector. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark, and Nefarious had to defeat the Loki Master in Uzo City with some help from Dr. Croid and Nevo Binklemeyer before he wreaked havoc across the galaxy.

Creature Collector's Vault

The Creature Collector's Vault is a location on Magnus where 8-Bit Mini Mayhem takes place.
Meadows of Totem Fi

Meadows of Totem Fi

Bluffs of Vendros

Bluffs of Vendros

Fiords of Rank-Arun

Fiords of Rank-Arun

Native Race

  • Tharpods

Native Wildlife

50 different species of critter were found on Magnus, among other creatures.

Introduced Wildlife

  • Gravoids
  • Gravoid Brute
  • Grungoths
  • Alpha Grungoths
  • Octomoth
  • Wigwump
  • Weevoid
  • Sepiads
  • King Sepiad


Behind the scenes

The entirety of Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One took place on Magnus, with the exception of the Luminopolis invasion on planet Igliak and the Phonica Moon which orbited around Magnus.


  • "Magnus" is Latin for "big."


Notes and references

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