Magmos was a planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was the home of one of Nefarious's lairs. The planet was covered in rivers of molten lava and active volcanoes, making it very inhospitable. After attacking Blackwater City with his army of Amoeboids, Nefarious and Lawrence retreated to their lair on Magmos, but little did they know that Qwark hitched a ride on the back of their spacecraft to reach the base. Upon arriving, Qwark disguised himself as a pizza delivery woman and sneaked into the facility undetected. He eventually confronted Nefarious on a sky bridge after defeating his robot hoard, and knocked him into the base machinery during this engagement. Although the accident had seemingly killed Nefarious, it had in fact caused him to be transformed into a robot. This made him an even greater danger to the safety of the galaxy.



Magma is molten-fluid from a planet's crust, where lava and indigenous rock are formed by cooling.




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