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Mag-Net Launcher
He's got one a them Mag-Net Launchers! Cover your bolts, lads!
―A space pirate upon being attacked with the Mag-Net Launcher.  [ToD]

The Mag-Net Launcher is a weapon manufactured by GrummelNet Industries in Tools of Destruction and A Crack in Time. It launches clusters of ionized Raritanium orbs which wrap electromagnetic nets around enemies and damage them over time.

The Mag-Net Launcher can be upgraded to the Mag-Net Cannon with use. In challenge mode, it can be upgraded to the Omega-Net Cannon (in Tools of Destruction) or the Omega Mag-Net Cannon (in A Crack in Time).


Tools of Destruction

The Mag-Net Launcher could be acquired upon reaching Slag's Fleet in the Ublik Passage for 250,000 bolts from any weapon vendor. It could be upgraded with Raritanium mods, with its special mod being the Inductor Coils mod. With use, it could be upgraded to the Mag-Net Cannon. In challenge mode, the Omega-Net Cannon could be purchased for 60,000,000 bolts.

A Crack in Time

The Mag-Net Launcher could be acquired upon reaching the Valkyrie Citadel on Vapedia. It could be purchased for 40,000 bolts from any weapons vendor (or 37,000 bolts if the player had a Tools of Destruction save file). With use, it could be upgraded to the Mag-Net Cannon. Upon reaching challenge mode, the Omega Mag-Net Cannon could be purchased for 5360,000 bolts (or 402,000 bolts if the player had a Tools of Destruction save file).


The Mag-Net Launcher is a small, blue, black and green weapon with some yellow highlights. It has a pumping tube connecting its nozzle from which it fires Mag-Nets to where it is held by Ratchet. As with many weapons, it has a left-hand grip. The Mag-Net Cannon is a purely dark green and black weapon with more glowing yellow highlights and a bulkier design.

When Mag-Nets hit enemies, they would surround the entire enemy, lift it up in the air temporarily, while electrocuting them. They bare a resemblance to Hoberman Spheres.


The Mag-Net Launcher can trap most enemies in Mag-Nets (other than larger enemies such as bosses or dropships, and it cannot damage electrified enemies). Mag-Nets lasted longer the smaller the enemy is. While the damage of the weapon is fairly strong, it is primarily useful as a strategic weapon. It can temporarily disable enemies, allowing Ratchet to fire other weapons to deal with the other enemies in a fight. This can be very useful in hectic fights. It should therefore be used normally against larger targets which are more difficult to deal with. While its ammo is fairly low, and its disable affects less enemies than the Groovitron, it can still be a great combination with other weapons, and can be both a defensive and offensive weapon. It is at its most useful against cragmites, as it makes them unable to teleport away from continuous damage, such as the napalm pools left behind with the napalm cells mod for the Negotiator.

In Tools of Destruction, the Mag-Net Launcher can be upgraded with Raritanium mods. These include more Raritanium, faster shooting, more ammo, and more damage. It has the most amount of Raritanium mods available for it. The player may choose to prioritize more damage and more ammo, which provide the best immediate boost to the power of the weapon. Inductor Coils simply allow Mag-Nets to last longer. In both games, the Mag-Net Launcher can be upgraded to the Mag-Net Cannon, which releases bomblets after the Mag-Net expires (similar to the Bouncer). This adds to its strategic capabilities, as not only does it disable the enemy it traps, it damages other, smaller enemies nearby, thus making it a far more viable option against the Anthropods.


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