Testing Facility Moon

Dobbo City

Lunar City

Lunar City was a city located on the Testing Facility Moon that orbited the planet Dobbo. Ratchet and Giant Clank had to travel up to Lunar City to fight the Thugs-4-Less Leader to prove to The Mathematician that they were worthy to enter the MegaCorp Games.

Because of its size, Lunar City had a low gravity field, which allowed Giant Clank to jump much higher than on either planets Quartu or Veldin in the original Ratchet & Clank.

In Up Your Arsenal, Nefarious had an image of the Lunar City in his office in Lot 42.

Skill points

  • Dukes Up - Defeat the boss using only melee attacks.
  • Robo Rampage - Destroy all of the buildings on Lunar City.



Notes and references

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