Well, dip me in bread crumbs and feed me to a Snagglebeast. Grim told me he was friends with a Lombax, but I didn't believe him!
Felton Razz meets Ratchet for the first time  [R&C (PS4)]

Lombaxes are a near-extinct bipedal, anthropomorphic species. At some point in the past, they were completely wiped out, with the Blarg playing a big role in their extinction, resulting in Ratchet being the last known Lombax in the Universe.


I get that a lot. There aren't many of us left. Not in this galaxy anyway.
―Ratchet when Clank questions his species  [R&C (movie)]

While the Lombaxes originated from planet Fastoon in the original series, in the re-imagined series their origins are a mystery.

Long ago, Ratchet was born to his Lombax parents who had to get rid of him for unknown reason, likely to save him from death at the hands of the Blarg.

He was adopted by a local mechanic, Grimroth and raised on planet Veldin where he had shown to be a great mechanic, as Lombaxes typically were. Ratchet also became the first Lombax to ever win a hover board race.


Lombaxes were cat-like and completely covered in either yellow or white velvety fur, with orange or maroon colored stripes running down parts of their body. They had large ears as well as large hands with five fingers.


It is unknown what the plural of Lombax is, during one news reel in the movie, the writing in Solanian reads that it could possibly be any of the following: Lombaxes, Lombai or Lombacles.[1][2]



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