AWK! All hail the Lombaxes! AWK! Saviors of the universe!
The Smuggler's Parrot  [ToD]

Lombaxes are a species of feline-like organisms, with main protagonist Ratchet, himself, being a Lombax. As of Into the Nexus, Ratchet was presumed to be the last Lombax alive in the series's main dimension, with little hope of the others ever being recovered. Ratchet, Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth were the last known surviving Lombaxes in the dimension after the existing Lombaxes fled to another dimension in order to avoid being destroyed by Percival Tachyon. Many others were killed in the conflict trying to escape as well.

Lombaxes were considered to be some of the greatest engineers to exist, having an innate affinity towards gadgetry and machinery, with their technology being noted as the most advanced, as not even GrummelNet were capable of reverse engineering it, and Lombax Starships being noted by a space pirate to be the fastest ships he had ever seen. The Wrench appears to be a traditional Lombax melee weapon.[1]

Origins and the Great War

Ironic, ain't it? The one Cragmite they didn't vaporize comes back to oppress the galaxy.
The Smuggler  [ToD]

Several Lombaxes listening to Tachyon talk in a flashback

The Lombaxes originated from the Polaris Galaxy where, years ago, they fought a Great War against the Cragmite empire.[2] The Lombaxes were hailed as the saviors of Polaris after defeating the Cragmites once the War had reached a stalemate. However, one Cragmite, Tachyon, survived. The Lombaxes discovered him as an egg in Lombax Trillium mines and raised him as one of their own on Fastoon. However, once he found out that he was a Cragmite, Tachyon raised an army against the Lombaxes in the rage that his true origins were hidden from him.[2] Taken by surprise, many Lombaxes fled to another dimension, with only four known Lombaxes staying behind. Kaden, who stayed to protect the Dimensionator with his son, sent Ratchet to the Solana Galaxy to keep him safe from Tachyon.[2] Tachyon then killed Kaden after tracking him down an unspecified time later.[3] Ratchet later defeated Tachyon, while preventing the Cragmites from returning to his dimension, he also got a glimpse of the Lombax's Dimension through the powers of the Dimensionator.[2]

Angela Cross traveled the galaxy with Max Apogee to escape Tachyon's persecution,

Angela Cross, the only female Lombax to have made an appearance in the series

eventually disappearing along with Max after escaping the Cerullean Sector. Since she was never heard from again after this point, it is safe to assume she either managed to escape or was tracked down by Tachyon and captured or killed.

Nefarious later mentions that he will destroy the Lombaxes, meaning that he possibly knows which Dimension they are in.


Note to self: Never mess with a trigger happy Lombax.
Annihilation Nation commentator.  [UYA]

Ratchet, a male Lombax

Lombaxes were known throughout the Polaris galaxy for their advanced technological knowledge, and rarely used unmodified equipment. The Lombaxes created various hi-tech gadgets, weapons and armor through the use of advanced centers of research, where extremely intelligent Lombaxes worked in groups to finish large projects such as the Dimensionator. Lombaxes couldn't leave anything unmodified according to the Smuggler.

Lombaxes were also known for enjoying high speeds and being proficient with weaponry. The Cragmites, according to statements by Percival Tachyon, considered the 'typical' Lombax to be "noble" and "courageous."[4]


Lombaxes were humanoid feline aliens which possessed large heads, hands, and feet. As the case with Angela Cross and Alister Azimuth, the fur of Lombaxes can have wide palettes when compared to Ratchet, with Azimuth possessing white fur with maroon stripes, and Cross having a more saturated yellow fur colour, that can even appear green in low-light conditions. It's worth noting that Lombaxes seem to be capable of growing hair, as Azimuth has mutton chop-esque facial hair, and Cross has a ponytail.

The facial structure of Lombaxes had also been shown to vary, ranging from a sunken muzzle with a rough brow ridge to a rounder structure with a definite muzzle and cheeks. Lombaxes were notable for possessing hands with five digits as opposed to three, which could give them an advantage when wielding weapons. Their feet were triangular and flat on the bottom. They lacked toes and, instead, had two large claws and one small claw, almost vestigial claw on each foot. Males had tails similar to that of felines, with plumes of fur on the tips.

Lombaxes were sexually dimorphic; females possessed breasts, their ears were smaller, and they did not have tails.

On the physiological side of things, Lombaxes were stated to be "single brained organisms" by a Terachnoid Lab Assistant.

Lombax Warfare


Trillium armor's shape shows that it was designed for Lombaxes

Lombaxes were very capable fighters, being considered the only race who could match the Cragmites in all out war. In addition to natural skill, they were aided in war by their cutting-edge inventions. There were several Lombax groups devoted to developing such technology; one group was the Center for Advanced Lombax Research. One type of Lombax soldier that fought in the Great War were the Lombax Defenders. Examples of Lombax inventions are Trillium Armor, double-ended wrenches, the Praetorian Guard's hoverboots, and the Alpha Disruptor.

Lombax Praetorian Guard

The Lombax Praetorian Guard are the elite warriors of the Lombax people. General Alister Azimuth is the only member who has been featured in the canon, with the rank of 4-Bolt Magistrate (the "Bolt" is apparently used the same way as the "Star" in the United States). Kaden, Ratchet's father, may have also been in the Guard due to his staying behind, but this is never confirmed nor denied. The weapons they use are unknown, but it can be inferred that wrenches are used for close-quarters combat. The Guard can assumably be recognized by their Trillium Armor.


Lombax mouse and robot

A Lombax Mouse with a robot it built

A non-canon cut subspecies of the Lombaxes referred to as the Lombax Mouse were originally going to appear in A Crack In Time.


  • Lombaxes have many similarities with real-life animals called lynxes. Both names begin with "L" and end with "X", and both are endangered species.
  • In Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault, a Lombax, very similar to Ratchet, appears as icon to the "Lombax" Multiplayer Rank. The appearance of Lombaxes in the highest rank resemble that the Lombax species are the most powerful, over all the others such as the lower ranks species (Fongoid, Agorian, etc.)
  • According to herself, Juanita used to eat Lombax brains served with eggs and salsa for breakfast, prepared by her very own mother.[5]
  • Lombaxes are one of the few species, if not the only species, whose palm connects with five fingers. Their advance technological knowledge and engineering skills can be credited to that factor, as having more fingers than the average species makes working with small circuitry a lot easier and faster.



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Lombax research

The logo of the Center for Advanced Lombax Research


  • Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus game manual‏‎

Notes and references

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