The Lightning Rod improves on the Thunderstorm Umbrella in one key way: it uses a robot's own body as a giant capacitor, storing electric energy in the metal of its chassis. Any other creature to touch the wielder and break the circuit gets a lightning storm through their circuits.
―Weapon Description  [SAC]

The Lightning Rod was a metal rod able to collect lightning strikes and electrical energy. When enough of this energy was stored, it could be released as a powerful blast. The ammunition of this weapon was the number of times it could be used without restoring the energy-gathering power. It was the upgraded version of the ThunderStorm Umbrella.


Xeno's Capacitor Mod
Give the gift that keeps on giving: deadly electricity! Any target hit by the Thunderstorm Umbrella passes an electric charge to those nearby.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod is available in challenge mode and costs 100,000 bolts.

Thundercloud Mod
Grow your own pet thundercloud! Just charge your Thunderstorm Umbrella all the way up and watch it strike your enemies for you!
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod is available in challenge mode and costs 200,000 bolts. When using it a cloud hovers above Clank when he uses the weapon.


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