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The Levitator is an item in Going Commando. It is an upgrade for Clank that allows Ratchet to fly through the air when obtaining fuel and launching from Levitator Pads. It is controlled by holding down X to ascend; ascending will consume fuel, while letting go of X in midair allows Ratchet to glide and slowly descend.

The Levitator is purchased from the shady salesman on planet Joba outside the entrance to the MegaCorp Games arena. The salesman acquired it from the blarg (and the instructions were still written in blargian) and offered it to Ratchet and Clank for 20,000 bolts in order to enter the arena. It is used on planet Joba, on planet Boldan in the Silver City, on planet Aranos in the Flying Lab, and on planet Smolg in the Distribution Facility.

In Into the Nexus, the GrummelNet Jetpack can be obtained, which functions similarly.