Nefarious calling for Lawrence.  [UYA]

Lawrence was Dr. Nefarious' robotic butler. His day-to-day duties usually involved "dirty laundry and whatnot." He had a clear dislike for his boss, whom he often pummeled with subtle insults ("Even drooling imbeciles can achieve greatness in certain fields, sir. Mad Science, for example", "If anyone can beat a moron at his own game, it's you sir.", "You put the 'wit' in 'twit', sir.") and purposely did his tasks poorly. Lawrence's favorite part of the day was when Nefarious malfunctioned, playing a radio soap opera in his head meaning Lawrence had to hit him on the head to fix him. Yet Nefarious, who either could not fend for himself or didn't catch on to Lawrence's true nature, still kept him by his side.

His hobbies included playing the bass guitar that he plays left handed. He played an electric guitar that played low notes in a rock song that made Lawrence a perfect bass player in a rock band. His status as a guitar player was revealed just before the final battle of Up Your Arsenal. This could mean he was the rocker of the series so far.


Early life

Oh, goody. I get to press a button. And they said my intellect would be squandered under your employ.
―Lawrence to Nefarious.  [ACiT]

Years ago, Lawrence's services as a butler attracted the attention of Dr. Nefarious (a doctor considered insane by most citizens of planet Rilgar) who was in need of a butler to serve him. Despite concerns from those around him, who feared Lawrence's intellect would be wasted on such a crackpot, Lawrence chose to ignore them and he became Nefarious's trusted butler. Almost immediately, he became to regret that rash decision shortly afterwards, but decided to loyally stick to Dr. Nefarious's side anyways.

Blackwater City

To think, they called me insane, Lawrence! We'll see who's insane, when my pets exterminate all life on this miserable, planet!
Nefarious  [UYA]
That should clear things right up, sir.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

Because Nefarious slowly grew more angered by the citizens of Rilgar for claiming he was an insane, Dr. Nefarious secretly constructed a secret lab within the swamps surrounding Blackwater City. Within this lab, he created a new horrific species known as Amoeboids. Dr. Nefarious showed Lawrence these creatures, which he planned to release into Blackwater City, where they would devour all life on the entire planet, as part of diabolic plan to show the citizens of Rilgar who truly was insane. Lawrence sarcastically claimed that releasing the Amoeboids on the planet would settle the whole controversy. After making his jab at, Nefarious, Lawrence then proceeded to clean off the newly created Amoeboids with a duster, much to their dismay.

After Qwark initiated Emergency Response Plan Number 2 from a women's restroom at Galaxy Burger (Qwark claims he confronted the Amoeboids head on), the Amoeboids were greatly decimated (though not completely exterminated) from Rilgar. With the Amoeboids defeated, Lawrence fled with Dr. Nefarious aboard his ship; Captain Qwark; however, stowed away on the ships underside in order to confront Nefarious in person.


The famous Qwark couldn't possibly be this stupid, could he?
Nefarious  [UYA]
Even drooling imbeciles can achieve greatness in certain fields, sir. Mad Science, for example.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

Lawrence and Dr. Nefarious traveled for six days across the Solana Galaxy until their ship reached Dr. Nefarious's secret base on planet Magmos, with Qwark still clinging aboard their ship like the dung of a Giant green space bird.

While Lawrence spoon fed Dr. Nefarious in one of Nefarious's quarters, a security camera caught a female pizza delivery person (Captain Qwark) attempting to deliver a pizza to Nefarious within his base (Nefarious had not ordered any such pizza). Nefarious asked aloud how such a great hero was stupid enough to try to infiltrate his base with such a ridiculous disguise. Lawrence claimed even morons could achieve greatness in certain fields, using the example of mad science (an obvious jab at Nefarious). Lawrence then inquired whether he should have Qwark annihilated before he could get into the base, with Nefarious dismissing the idea, claiming he had a surprise in store for Captain Qwark.

Confrontation with Captain Qwark

What took you so long?
Nefarious  [UYA]
I was picking up some curtains for the torture chamber. They are a crushed velvet with a gold lammay trim, oh, they really add life to the space.
―Lawrence  [UYA]
Nevermind that now! Grab Qwark and lets get out here!
Nefarious  [UYA]
Of course, sir.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

Following Nefarious's transformation into a robot following his encounter with Qwark on Magmos, Lawrence and Nefarious went to Metropolis on planet Kerwan. From atop a high skyscrapper, Lawrence watched as Nefarious unleashed an army of robotic insects (Insectoid and Insectoid Swarms) upon the city in order to kill Qwark and tear apart the city. While Nefarious was busy getting his revenge, Lawrence went shopping for some curtains for the torture chamber, he managed to find one that was a crushed velvet with a gold lammay trim. Later on, Lawrence returned to meet his master, who had been defeated by Captain Qwark, resulting in him losing his body and having his head thrown into a garbage can. Before Qwark could celebrate a job well done, Lawrence bashed him with a hammer so hard, that Qwark went flying into the air until his underwear got caught on a nearby pole. Nefarious was much annoyed by Lawrence taking so long, with Lawrence stating he had went curtain shopping, claiming to have found some that "brought life" to the torture chamber. Nefarious cut him off while Lawrence cleaned and repaired Nefarious (which had sustained damage and had got filthy when it was thrown in the garbage), ordering Lawrence to grab Qwark so that they could head back to his secret base on an unnamed planet.

After Qwark had awakened, Lawrence and Nefarious (still just a head) were there to greet him within Nefarious's secret prison, and Nefarious informed Qwark that he was going to suffer for what he did to him. Nefarious then told Lawrence it was time for his massage, much to Lawrence's sarcastic dismay and disappointment. Qwark would later escape his cell, causing Nefarious to flip out, and scream at Lawrence to do something. Lawrence suggested they flood the base with boiling acid, which Nefarious promptly agreed with. Nevertheless, Qwark was able to escape the base, and he would go into hiding on his secret base in the Thran Asteroid.

Into Hiding

What's going on‽ Where are my arms‽ WHOSE BUTT IS THIS‽‽
Nefarious  [UYA]
Oh, my mistake, sir. Dreadfully sorry.
―Lawrence  [UYA]
Nefarious  [UYA]
Oh, Janice!
Lance  [UYA]
Oh, Lance!
Janice  [UYA]
Oh my, we will need to get that fixed…(chuckle) one of these days.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

Following Qwark's escape, Lawrence attempted to repair Nefarious in order to give him his body back. After much struggle, Lawrence had finally fixed the doctor. Much to his surprise, Lawrence had mistakenly screwed Nefarious head backward, causing Nefarious to panic. Lawrence appeared greatly alarmed, and attempted to apologize for his mistake. Nefarious; however, flipped out at Lawrence, but before he could do anything, Nefarious froze and started to receive audio from an episode of Lance and Janice. Lawrence realized that would needed to be fix; however, Lawrence had no intention of doing it anytime soon since he thought Nefarious's malfunction would be a perk to his miserable job. Lawrence would later fix Nefarious, such as adjusting Nefarious's head in the correct position (while leaving the freezing malfunction in place). Following Nefarious repair, Lawrence would go into hiding while the mad doctor plotted his comeback in secret.

Ultimatum to Solana

Robotic citizens of the Solana Galaxy! The hour of your liberation is at hand!
Nefarious addressing to the citizens Solana, with Lawrence translating Nefarious's speech into sign language for deaf watchers.  [UYA]
I hate organics!

Lawrence doing sign language for those who are deaf, so that they can understand Nefarious' announcement to the Solana Galaxy

Nefarious' Debut

Nefarious and Lawrence addressing the Solana Galaxy

Following Nefarious's surprising return to the spotlight after Tyhrranoids under his command invaded Veldin, Nefarious ordered the Tyhrranoids to launch a full-scale invasion of planet Marcadia, where Capital City was located. Galactic President Phyronix attempted to call for assistance from the Starship Phoenix, but his signal was lost when Nefarious gave his first address to the Solana Galaxy. While Nefarious highlighted his objectives, Lawrence translated what he said into sign language so those that were deaf wouldn't miss Nefarious message. After his address, he and Lawrence ended their transmission.

Dirty Laundry

WHAT?? This Q-Force must be stopped! Destroy them! Eradicate them! ANNIHILATE them all!!! MMMHHHAAAWWWW!!!
Nefarious  [UYA]
Its on my to-do list, right after folding your undergarments.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

"Well I must be off now, dirty laundry and whatnot."

Following Nefarious's broadcast to Solana, Lawrence did his various chores aboard the Leviathan, including taking care of Nefarious's dirty laundry while Nefarious did his "work" (i.e. watching episodes of Secret Agent Clank). Lawrence later learned that the Deep Sea Hideout had been infiltrated. Lawrence then sarcastically informed Nefarious that his impenetrable secret base on Aquatos had been penetrated, causing Nefarious to scream that was impossible. Lawrence responded by saying "If you say so, sir…" and then informed Nefarious that they stole some sort of Data Disc. He then proceeded to return his work of taking care of Nefarious's laundry, but Nefarious demanded to know who broke into the facility. Lawrence believed it was Captain Qwark "or something…" (in reality it was Ratchet & Clank) causing Nefarious to flip out, malfunction, and begin receiving signals from Lance and Janice. Lawrence told Nefarious he really needed to fix that malfunction, and smacked Nefarious's face, causing him to unfreeze and continue his rant like nothing happened. Nefarious insisted that moron Qwark could not hope to match wits with likes him of him, with Lawrence adding "If anyone could beat a moron at his own game, it's you, sir.", yet another jab at Nefarious (who didn't realize he had been insulted). Lawrence warned Nefarious that Qwark had formed an elite team known as the Q-Force. Nefarious ordered Lawrence to destroy the Q-Force, which Lawrence insisted it was on his to-do list, right after folding Nefarious undergarments.

Supervillain Weekly Interview

Lawrence, tell us a bit about this top secret superweapon being constructed on planet Daxx.
―Supervillain Weekly Host  [UYA]
Well super is such a strong word. That about it being weapon might be tad over doing it. We do; however, have a lovely view of the ocean at sunset.
―Lawrence  [UYA]

Later on, both Nefarious and Lawrence were interviewed by Supervillain Weekly on Nefarious's new superweapon being constructed on planet Daxx. After the Host asked a few questions to Nefarious regarding to critics' complaints of his recent schemes, the host asked Lawrence about Nefarious's secret superweapon. Lawrence insisted super was such strong word, and that it being a weapon was a tad over doing it. Lawrence then changed subjects, and told the Host of Supervillian Weekly that both he and Nefarious had a lovely view of the ocean at sunset, with Nefarious nodding his head in an agreement. Following Lawrence's reply, the Host wrapped up today's episode of Supervillain Weekly.

Encounter With the Q-Force

After Ratchet and Clank returned to the Starship Phoenix after they had completed their mission on Tyhrranosis, Ratchet described his encounter with the Momma Tyhrranoid, with Skid McMarx wanting to know more. Lawrence, who was projecting a hologram of himself and Nefarious, interrupted Ratchet's retelling of events on Tyhrranosis, sarcastically claiming they were all at the edge of their seats. Nefarious claimed he could easily dispatch the Q-Force, claiming that Supervillain Weekly wouldn't even bother to cover the incident. Lawrence interjected with his opinion, claiming that while Nefarious was correct on his first assumption, killing the Q-Force would certainly earn the respect of the fashion world. After Nefarious claimed he had grand plans for Clank, Nefarious attempted to make a dramatic exit when his hologram turned off. Lawrence ruined the moment by not turning off the hologram as was expected of him, forcing Nefarious to ask Lawrence to do so, which he did with little fanfare. The Q-Force was able to pinpoint where the Holograms signal originated from, and uncovering the Supervillain Weekly segment in both Lawrence and Nefarious starred in, allowing the Q-Force to learn that a key base of Nefarious's was located on planet Daxx.


Guitarist Lawrence

Lawrence as a guitarist

In the final battle, Dr. Nefarious called Lawrence to his aid, who actually appeared this time, dressed in a rockstar costume. The butler was reluctant to follow Nefarious's orders, having been preoccupied with guitar practice, which he clearly saw as more important. Picking himself up and dusting off, the doctor ordered his butler to "Begin the transformation!" and shouted at him when he continued to be distracted by his guitar. At Lawrence's pressing of the activation device, the second Biobliterator changed into an immense mechanoid. Nefarious broke into a diabolical laugh as he and Lawrence teleported to the cockpit, ready to depart and bring about the mad scientist's Age of Robots; however, as he began firing at Ratchet and Clank on the ground, he was shot at by Captain Qwark, who arrived on the scene in his own shuttle. He had decided to come out hiding to help defeat his nemesis, wanting to be a true hero. Distraught at this, Nefarious yelled in frustration "No! I don't believe it!" and Qwark replied with "Believe it, toasterhead!"

Ratchet and Qwark managed to defeat Dr. Nefarious in the air and destroyed the second Biobliterator. The head of the mechanoid landed on the battlefield, and Nefarious was greatly humiliated by being defeated at the hands of "squishies," believing he would never live it down. The cockpit's computer announced that the reactor would detonate in sixty seconds. Nefarious then bluntly told Lawrence to engage the teleporter. Lawrence asked him to specify a destination, and Nefarious said "Who cares? Just get us out here." The computer then said time was up, and he shouted and objected "What‽ That wasn't even close to sixty seconds!" The computer childishly responded with "Bye-bye!" prompting a terrified expression on the two. Right before the Biobliterator's head exploded, Lawrence teleported them away in a panic, having no time to pick a destination for them.


Thanks to you, and your dimwitted friend here, I found myself drifting through the cosmos! Have you ever spent time on an asteroid? It's surprisingly boring!
―Dr. Nefarious to Ratchet and Clank  [ACiT]
Rocker Lawrence

Lawrence playing his bass during his time on Nefarious's asteroid

Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence were stuck far away on an asteroid in space, unable to teleport to another planet, as they were well out range. According to Lawrence, it would be five or ten thousand years before something came for them to teleport to. Nefarious shouted angrily in disbelief, and then sat on the ground. He then said "Now what?" as his butler looked at him. Lawrence asked him "I don't suppose you can play drums?", wanting someone to go along with his bass to pass the time. Infuriated by this ridiculous question, Nefarious screamed at his butler. While Lawrence spent most of their drifting playing his bass, Nefarious simply sat thinking over and over about his failure, which would continue to haunt him. The two were still forced to aimlessly drift through space. After some time, the asteroid drifted to the Polaris Galaxy. In Polaris, the two seemed to briefly come upon planet Mukow, as the doctor's wallet was found and held at a concession stand.

The pair also spent much time drifting through the Breegus System, even being spotted by space pirates in the Corvus Nebula while Dr. Nefarious was having one of his malfunctions and screaming at Lawrence, playing an episode of Lance and Janice. Despite Lawrence's claim of the time it would take for them to find refuge, the rock picked up speed and turned into a ball of fire after drifting to planet Zanifar. It crashed in the village of a local Fongoid tribe, forming a crater, which was barricaded. Nefarious and Lawrence sought refuge with the tribe, arriving as they were in the middle of celebrating spring break.

Arrival in Polaris

Oh, goody. I get to press a button. And they said my intellect would be squandered under your employ…
―Lawrence on his service to Dr. Nefarious  [ACiT]

While living with the Fongoids on Zanifar, Dr. Nefarious tried to decipher how he could have lost everything he had worked so hard to accomplish to his enemies. He even spent one night twitching and cradling himself in a darkened room after drawing several pictures of Ratchet and Clank on the wall, crayons clenched in his hand and mouth. Nefarious decided to go on a spiritual journey to find the answers he sought. He spent his time on Zanifar studying Fongoid meditation, attending numerous anger management classes, and dabbling in yoga. Eventually, he went on a spirit walk on planet Quantos. It was here that he learned of the mystical Zoni race, who were in charge of protecting the universe and keeping it in balance. He also discovered their ultimate creation: the Great Clock, a facility which kept the flow of time and effectively acted as the cosmos' greatest contingency plan and was located in the exact center of the universe (give or take 50 ft). Nefarious secretly plotted to gain control of the clock to rewrite history, making it so no villain would ever go through such a humiliating defeat as he did, and so that heroes would always fail in their righteous endeavors up to the present. With this plot, he temporarily put aside his organic life form vendetta, again working with "squishies" if it suited his plans.

Dr. Nefarious fooled the Fongoids into believing that he was a kind being, and they came to worship him. Canceling their spring break, he used them as a task force to help construct the Tombli Outpost in their Tobolia valley, which he used as his temporary base of operations. It would go on to be the primary manufacturing plant for his new army of starships and Nefarious troopers. He then made new allies with other villains who also wanted to use the clock for their own ends. He hired Terraklon mercenary and former assassin, Lord Vorselon, to serve as field enforcer of his troops. Vorselon had lost his body in a battle against the Drophyds on Zaurik, being confined to a cyborg suit. In addition to bolt payment, he was promised to have his original body and glory restored with the clock's power. The doctor also got into contact with Pollyx Industries and formed an alliance with the Terachnoid CEO, Pollyx, who signed his corporation and most Terachnoids in an exclusive contract to work for the doctor, having access to valuable Zoni technology and knowledge. With assistance from the labor and resources of the Fongoids, Pollyx Industries worked toward building the Nefarious Space Station, which would be the doctor's headquarters.

As his station was under construction, Dr. Nefarious kept his evil activities in the Tombli Outpost secret from the Fongoids and waited to reveal his devious schemes to the rest of the Breegus System. Using Pollyx's holdings, he managed to contact the Zoni leader, Orvus, requesting an audience with the fellow scientist. A being of etiquette, Orvus honored the seemingly friendly robot's wishes and traveled to the outpost. He was then taken by surprise and imprisoned.

Finding Clank

As Lawrence stood by with Pollyx and a Protomantis, Dr. Nefarious interrogated Orvus about getting inside the Orvus Chamber, the Great Clock's control room that commanded the flow of time. He tortured Orvus when he repeatedly refused, having his machine, the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, blast him with its sonic energies, a vulnerability of the Zoni. Nefarious failed to heed Orvus's insistence that time was not to be tampered with as he continued to grow weary of the torture. Nefarious shouted at Pollyx when the interrogation continued to fail, as Pollyx was scanning Orvus's brain for the key to the chamber but could not find it. Pollyx believed that the Zoni had erased his own memory, and Nefarious gave him one final chance to tell him how to access the chamber. Orvus again refused, and Nefarious furiously clenched his fists over his head before again signalling his device to blast him. Orvus held off the blast, saying that the only one who would enter his chamber was safe, far from the doctor.

The growing light of the held-out beam made Dr. Nefarious and all present cover their eyes. Orvus then dissipated in a flash, and Nefarious frantically asked where he went. Unable to deduce where Orvus had gone, Pollyx still managed to pull up an image from his memory scanned before he vanished. The image was schematics of Nefarious's old nemesis, Clank. It was revealed that he was in fact Orvus's heir and the key to entering the Orvus Chamber. The doctor planned to get a hold of Clank through the Zoni, who were still unaware that the doctor had kidnapped their leader. Nefarious contacted the Zoni and offered to help them find Orvus's heir so that they could bring him to fulfill his destiny. When Ratchet and Clank came to Polaris and defeated the Cragmite Empire and Emperor Tachyon, Nefarious led the Zoni to their new master. They aided Clank in the journey to vanquish the Cragmites, appearing before him on occasion. They eventually brought him to the Great Clock to understand his purpose.

Ratchet soon set out to find his dear friend, unaware of Dr. Nefarious's new schemes. After battling space pirates and learning a bit about the Zoni through the travels of Captain Darkwater, Ratchet retrieved a Fulcrum Star and used it to power an Obsidian Eye on planet Merdegraw. With it, he traced the Zoni and Clank's location to the Breegus System and managed to catch a brief glimpse of the Great Clock during a visit from Nefarious; Clank's logic and memory seemed to be dysfunctional, and the Zoni relied upon the doctor to repair him. He then appeared, slightly silhouetted in the doorway of the mnemonic station where Clank was being held. Ratchet watched as he walked down the stairs, being revealed in the light bit by bit, but then slipped on a feather duster left carelessly on the floor by his butler, which caused him to fall down the stairs screaming. Fully revealed, Nefarious was shown angrily shouting at Lawrence once again.

Ratchet and Talwyn Apogee were then given coordinates to the Breegus Nebula, the entrance to the system where Dr. Nefarious had resurfaced, as the signal was lost. Ratchet vowed to rescue his friend and defeat Nefarious once more as he and Talwyn departed from Hoolefar Island. While Ratchet took off in the Aphelion beside Captain Qwark, who was eager to get back into 'the hero business' after doing some film acting, Talwyn stayed behind, warning Ratchet that where he was headed was home to a great deal of mercenaries. It was these very guns-for-hire that would assist in Nefarious's new plot and prove to be a large obstacle for Ratchet.

Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time


Lawrence in A Crack in Time

Lawrence would keep on serving Nefarious right on through Ratchet's search for Clank. After Nefarious left the Great Clock for the Nefarious Space Station, Lawrence would follow and spy on a newly awoken Clank, waiting for him to open the Orvus Chamber so his boss could finish his plan.

Greatclock nefarious and lawrence

Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence confront Clank in the Great Clock

During Ratchet's final battle against Nefarious, Lawrence was ordered to take the ship out of harms way. However, the ship became the final battleground between Ratchet and Nefarious. Lawrence manned a space laser and aided his master in attacking. After Nefarious was defeated and fell unconscious, Lawrence made away in the ship's escape pod, leaving his master's body on the ship which, due to a malfunctioning auto-pilot, would crash into the Nefarious Space Station, destroying it, just before the ship crashed into the station. Unbeknownst to anyone at the moment, Lawrence teleported the doctor's unconscious body away. At this point, it's unsure where Lawrence and Nefarious escaped to.

Ratchet & Clank comic series

Lawrence spying

Lawrence spying

Lawrence managed to retreat to their main headquarters, where he got to work repairing Dr. Nefarious fully and waited until they were ready to make a comeback. In the Ratchet & Clank comic series, Ratchet asked Qwark if they had found Nefarious and Lawrence yet. While Qwark confirmed Lawrence did teleport the doctor off the ship before it crashed and also added that they had been unable to find him. Qwark claimed his administrators could handle it.[1]

Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One

Lawrence later appears in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One after another one of Nefarious's evil plans backfire, and lands his master, Ratchet, Clank and Qwark into the trap of an evil machine, the Creature Collector. Just after re-animating the Light-Eating Z'Grute, Lawrence said "It's about time I tendered my resignation" and then ran off. He was not seen again until after the true threat to Magnus was defeated, at which point he piloted Cronk and Zephyr's ship down to the surface for them.

Lawrence was serious about the resignation. However, it turned out the market for evil sidekicks was rather thin, and he asked Nefarious if he could have his job back. The mad scientist's answer must have been yes, as seconds later, the two robotic villains flew off Magnus in the ship, leaving the heroes trapped there. The butler was last seen still piloting the ship alongside Nefarious, discussing how to best avoid the Polaris Defense Force's patrols.


Nefarious Lawrence Mnemonic Station

Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence enter the mnemonic station where Clank was held

  • Lawrence was familiar with sign language (or Ratchet's version of sign language, more of gestures with different purposes) as shown on a tele-broadcast cutscene, where he was prompting the hearing impaired with signs while Dr. Nefarious was talking.
  • Lawrence also writes songs, most notably of which being 'Bass Odyssey'.
  • In A Crack in Time, throughout most of the Clank sections in the Great Clock, Lawrence could be seen spying on you, usually through a window. But if you want to see him better, before fighting the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler, move to the back ledge of the right side of the flooring before the bossfight area. Use 3 heli-pack boosts and stay next to the wall and he'll be standing on a ledge.
  • Lawrence's appearance has changed a little in A Crack in Time, as his collar is now black, his eyes shine brighter, and his shirt below the jacket has changed.
  • Lawrence is one of the only characters in the series to be left-handed.
  • Lawrence is the first sidekick villain to never be fought, followed by Rusty Pete.
  • Multiple copies of Lawrence appear as small enemies in PlayStation Home's Firing Range (future).
  • Strangely, Lawrence's head is flexible and squishy, as seen when Nefarious was threatening "squishies" in the Solana Galaxy.

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