Lance and Janice

Lance and Janice as seen on Holovision in the vid-comic Deja Q All Over Again

Lance and Janice was a Holovision space opera on the Vox Network that broadcasted in the Solana and Polaris galaxies.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The space opera was known for being a steamy drama with edgy writing.[1] Lance and Janice featured the titular characters Lance and Janice, as well as an intricate plot involving a persona known as Englebert.[2] Other storylines included Lance's incapacity for love due to a curse by a tribe of gypsy ninjas and Lance turning into a flesh-eating zombie.[4][5] While Ratchet was searching the Polaris galaxy for Clank the show reached the finale of its tenth season.[1] The show had been running for a long time prior to this as it could originally be watched through old fashioned holo-vid players.[7] Lance and Janice was still being shown when Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious were stranded on Magnus.[5]


The show included the following characters:


Holo-Vid player

A holo-vid player

Lance and Janice was running when holo-vision could be watched on a holo-vid player and continued to air for some time after holo-vid players had become old fashioned.[2][7] The show reached it's tenth season finale while Ratchet was searching for Clank in the Polaris galaxy and continued past this season.[1][5]

Replacing DreadZoneEdit

After the cancellation of DreadZone a continuous loop of the 10,972 episode of Lance and Janice, I Like You, But I Don't Like-You, Like-You, was used to replace the show.[8]


The show focused on the relationship between Lance and Janice, with shocking events interfering with their relationship such as Lance's evil twin brother Englebert, Lance's inability to love, and Lance becoming a flesh-eating zombie.[5][6][9]

Lance's evil twin EnglebertEdit

But Janice, I am Englebert!
— Englebert revealing himself to Janice., UYA

Earlier storylines, shortly after Qwark had stopped Nefarious for the first time, involved Janice revealing to Lance that the baby wasn't Lance's but his evil twin brother Englebert's.[9] The person she had thought was Lance then revealed he was Englebert.[9]

Lance declares his love to JaniceEdit

Oh Lance, I can't, it's not right. You're my cousin's uncle's son.
— Janice, UYA

During Nefarious's usage of the Biobliterator superweapon Lance and Janice had a plot line of Lance declaring his love for Janice.[2] Lance told Janice she was the love of his life.[2] Janice at first resisted Lance claiming it wasn't right as Lance was her cousin's uncle's son.[2] Lance later told Janice that was what made it so good.[2]

Lance and Janice reunitedEdit

Nefarious BORING

Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence on an asteroid shortly after the destruction of DreadZone Station where Nefarious could still pick up Lance and Janice

Oh, Lance! You make me feel like a young boy again.
— Janice to Lance., DL

Shortly after the destruction of the DreadZone Station the plot featured Lance and Janice being reunited, with Lance asking Janice to never leave him for Englebert again.[3] She then claimed he made her feel like a young boy again, to Lance's surprise.[3]

Season tenEdit

So help me it's true Janice. All aboard for lonely town. Cho Choo Janice, Choo Choo.
— Lance to Janice., ACiT

While Ratchet searched the Polaris galaxy for Clank Lance and Janice's plot consisted of Lance's revelation that he did not have a capacity for love as he was cursed by a tribe of gypsy ninjas as a child to which Janice explained that she knew as she was in that tribe of gypsy ninjas.[4] Shortly after the storyline had Janice claiming Lance was a lonely man which he agreed was true.[4]

The season ten finale ended with a shocking revelation from Janice to Lance and ended on a cliffhanger.[1][6]

Lance becomes a flesh-eating zombieEdit

Oh, Lance! Kiss me! Love me! Hold me like you used to before you became a flesh-eating zombie!
— Janice, A4O

During the events of Ephemeris kidnapping Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Nefarious the story had Lance and Janice's romance facing difficulties as Lance had become a flesh-eating zombie.[5] It was also revealed that the couple were set to get married but Lance ate Janice's entire family making it difficult for them to marry.[5]


Don't miss the gripping season finale of Lance and Janice. Only on Vox.
— Advert for the season ten finale., ACiT

Prior the first showing of the tenth season's finale an advertisement was aired on space radio in Polaris.[6] Ratchet was able to listen to the advertisement while piloting the Aphelion in space.[4] The advertisement used samples from the episode and claimed that Janice was about to reveal a secret that could change the face of holo-vision forever and that would shock the universe.[6] The show was exclusive to Vox which was also explained in the advert.[6]


Nefarious frozen

When Dr. Nefarious short circuited he began to play audio clips of Lance and Janice

The show was watched by Qwark when he took a break after defeating Nefarious for the first time.[9] It was also watched by Dr. Nefarious.[1] Nefarious suffered from short circuiting when under extreme stress[10] and in a temporary frozen state would play a radio broadcast of Lance and Janice until he was unfrozen.[2][3][4] Flint Vorselon was also a fan and ordered that whoever had taped over an episode of Lance and Janice throw themselves out the airlock.[4]

Deja Q All Over AgainEdit

Qwark watching the show was featured in the Qwark Vid-Comic Deja Q All Over Again as part of the story of Qwark's history.[9]

References to Lance and JaniceEdit

The GrummelNet weapon vendor described a mystery Raritanium upgrade of Rate of Fire for various weapons as allowing the user to save the galaxy faster and be home in time for Lance and Janice.[11]


It was a cliff-hanger, how annoying was that!
Nefarious calling in to a space radio show about the season ten finale., ACiT

According to space radio news updates by Pepper Fairbanks and Kip Darling the show was known for steamy drama and edgy writing.[1] It was also big enough to feature in a special show discussing the finale to season ten.[1] Nefarious called in to this show and complained about the finale of the tenth season ending on a cliffhanger, claiming it was because of "squishie oppression" and calling for the annihilation of the show's scriptwriters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Lance and Janice first appears in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal as part of Nefarious' condition where he short circuits and freezes playing a sample of the show.[2] The show appears in the Qwark Vid-Comic Deja Q All Over Again where the characters are also pictured.[9]

Englebert story-arcEdit

Oh, Janice, now that you know the truth, can you still love us?
— A cut clip of Lance talking to Janice., {{{3}}}

A cut clip from Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal shows a conclusion to a plot involving Lance's evil twin brother, Englebert.[12] The clip has Janice stating she will always love Lance and his evil twin brother, and that she would never let them be teared apart.[12] However, in Ratchet: Deadlocked the arc is ended when Lance and Janice are reunited and he asks her not to leave him for Englebert again.[3]


We used to watch old episodes of Lance and Janice on those darn things.
Zephyr commenting on a holo-vid player., ToD

The name of the show was revealed when Zephyr commented on an old-fashioned holo-vid player in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction.[7]


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