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Constructo Shotgun art

Constructo Shotgun artwork icon

Constructo Shotgun

Constructo Shotgun artwork

The Constructo Shotgun was a shotgun in GrummelNet's Constructo Weapon line. It could be obtained in the Battleplex Arena by winning the Gold Cup. This weapon could be customized with different barrels, which affected the range and spread; chambers, which changed the type of shells it shot; and upgrades, which added extra functionality to the weapon.


Constructo mod Available at In-game description
Spread Barrel Default This barrel carries enough stopping power to take out an army of Cragmite assassins, making it an ideal choice for intergalactic assaults.
Double Barrel Korthos Omega A favorite of galactic authorities across Polaris, this barrel sacrifices a smal amount of distance for double the bullet spread.
Choke Barrel Korthos Tau This modification sacrifices bullet spread in exchange for significantly increased range and power.
Pellet Chamber Default This chamber produces a standard blast of lethal energy rounds capable of mangling any opponent!
Lance Chamber Zanifar, Tombli Outpost This chamber creates kinetic shards designed to impale and destroy anyone in your path!
Slug Chamber Lumos, Krell Canyon This chamber creates heavy slugs powerful enough to redecorate the battlefield with whatever's left of your enemies!
Galvanic Upgrade Agorian Battleplex, Agorian Roulette This upgrade stuns your foes with supercharged energy rounds, giving you a tactical advantage on the battlefield.
Perforator Upgrade Bernilius Sigma This upgrade is designed to provide any ammo type with enough velocity to perforate your foes, as well as anyone unlucky enough to be standing behind them.
Detonator Upgrade Agorian battleplex, The Exterminator This upgrade adds a powerful stricky-bomb to each round that detonates seconds after it makes contact!

Tactics and combinations

You should always combine these mods to fit the way you play. When you have collected enough mods, these tips can help. If you want to take out lots of small enemies with one shot, use this combo: double barrel, lance chamber and perforator upgrade, double barrel shoots to the sides, lance shots have greater range than others and perforator makes the shots go through lots of enemies. If you want to destroy one big enemy quickly equip these mods: choke barrel, slug chamber and detonator upgrade, gun will then shoot big shots that explode after some time, and they are shot farther and in tighter packs. But the basic version would be this: spread barrel, pellet chamber and galvanic upgrade, it resembles some of the older shotguns and is easy to get.



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