Lance and Janice

Lance's evil twin brother and Janice

Lance was a fictional character in the soap opera Lance and Janice. He appeared along with Janice. Dialogue from the show was played when Nefarious overloaded.

In All 4 One, it was said Lance had somehow turned into a flesh-eating zombie and ate Janice's entire family before they got married.


The only actual appearance of Lance and Janice was while Qwark was watching the television show Lance and Janice, as it zoomed in on the TV screen for a few seconds. Lance's appearance is very humanoid, except he only has three fingers on each hand, much like Captain Qwark, yet Lance's body was not built all muscular like Qwark. Lance also had blackish hair, while Qwark has blond. It is still very possible that Lance could be Captain Qwark's species.