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Ah, the Kreeli Comet. Beautiful, isn't it?
Orvus, commenting on the Kreeli Comet  [ACiT]
Ice Comet

Ratchet, fighting space pirates, on the Kreeli Comet

The Kreeli Comet was a comet that drifted through the Verdigris Sector and the location to the IRIS Supercomputer but was taken over by Captain Slag and his Space Pirates. It was an icy comet, with caves and caverns. Despite it being a comet, it was also defined as a planet.[1]

When the heroes first got to the IRIS, it was broken. The Zoni helped Clank fix it. The IRIS could answer every question. Ratchet and Clank asked about what the Lombax Secret was, what happened to the Cragmites and where the Lombaxes went. The IRIS had damage in its memory so that it could not answer the last question, but they could ask more questions, such as the real name of Qwark (which is Copernicus Leslie Qwark). It was covered in ice and snow.



Notes and references

  1. IRIS refers to the Kreeli Comet as a planet.

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