Korthos Delta

The icy platforming moon shown from above

Korthos Delta was a moon in the Korthos Sector, a difficult platforming area with a single Zoni at the end. It had an icy surface that would freeze anything which fell in. The moon was occupied by the aggressive Agorians, whose warriors patrolled the platforms of the moons having taken over the moon from the Vullards.[1][2]


The moon was covered by a sea of ice and frozen ocean, which would immediately freeze any living creature which landed in it, reducing them to shards of ice. Around the moon were small rocky islands, built onto which were tall platforms. These platforms were occupied by Pyrospinners and Agorians, who took over the moon after the Vullards abandoned it[1] for unknown reasons. In order to traverse the icy waters from one platform to the next, the moon's inhabitants utilized teleporters and, more commonly, bridges made up of smaller platforms. Some of these platforms, however, would disappear and reappear at random every few seconds, making it challenging to get around the moon.

After Dr. Nefarious' taking over of the Great Clock, one Zoni found its way to the moon. This Zoni was found and surrounded by several Agorian Warriors, trapped on a platform in the center of the moon. During his time in the Korthos Sector, Ratchet visited Korthos Delta. Whilst on the moon, he defeated its inhabiting Agorians and Pyrospinners, and collected the Zoni. He also hauled a holo-board here for a local business man,[2] who reminisced upon the moon once belonging to the Vullards.[1]


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