For the factory on planet Orxon, see Orxon § Korgon Refinery.

Ratchet at the Korgon Refinery

Ratchet Korgon Refinery activating power

Ratchet reactivating the power to the Planetary Defense Center at the Korgon Refinery

The Korgon Refinery was a GrummelNet factory located on planet Markazia's southern hemisphere.[1] The purpose of the refinery was to allow GrummelNet to collect and distill acid for their bioweapon division.[2] The plant was located next to Markazia's Planetary Defense Center and was full of dangerous acid pools and savage Anthropod swarms.

Due to the close proximity of the refinery to the Planetary Defense Center, Zurgo's Grungarian Marauders took control of the refinery when they invaded the planet. Despite being occupied by Grungarians, the plant still had several machines running. The QForce, consisting of Ratchet, Clank and Qwark, went to the refinery in order to take back the Planetary Defense Center.[3]



Points of interest


  • There is a glitch at the key node, just to the left of the keynodes force field there are some rocks shaped like stairs which can be jumped up then you jump on more platforms to get out the map


Notes and references

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