Korgon Base was a Tyhrranoid fortress on planet Tyhrranosis, which was the Tyhrranoid main base, and home to the Momma Tyhrranoid.

The Korgon Base was one of the most heavily-defended facilities on Tyhrranosis, defended by multiple missile turrets, snipers and anti-aircraft defenses. It was Ratchet's objective to capture this base as part of the Galactic Rangers' invasion of the planet. Ratchet lost half of his team upon descent, but was able to destroy the defenses alone, allowing his allies to capture the base and for Ratchet to kill the Momma Thyrranoid.

Later, the base was scrapped and dumped on Junkyard LXIV on planet Metalis, where it served as arena for broken down Robots to play various (and often violent) sports.


  • Some of the remains of Korgon Base were taken to planet Metalis under the orders Galactic Government of the Solana Galaxy after the Tyhrranoids lost the war.
  • Korgon was also the name of a refinery on Markazia.