Nothing can ruin an opponent's day like a swarm of explosive, robotic bees, and the Bee Min delivers just that! Made from state of the art beetane alloy, the Bee Mine's hunter-seeker robotobees seek out and use their S.T.I.N.G.-brand explosive self-destruct mechanism on any enemies that threaten their metallic hive.
―Weapon description  [SAC]

The Bee Mine Mk. II was a weapon similar to the original Bee Mine except that it had different kind of bees. There were yellow bees that attacked enemies; blue bees that broke crates and collected bolts and white bees that covered Ratchet.

Clank found the Bee Mine Mk. II in Rionosis and sent it to Ratchet in cake to hide it from the warden.

It could be found behind the fourth costume cart in the Azcotal Alley on Rionosis.

Weapon Mods

Explosive Nature Mod
The Explosive Nature Mod allows Bee Mine hives to create rocket bees that explode for much greater damage than normal bees.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod could be bought for 15,000 bolts.

Killer Honey Mod
The Killer Honey Mod causes all Bee Mine hives and bees to generate long-lasting poison.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod could be bought for 15,000 bolts.

Bee Mine Cake

The Bee Mine Cake that was sent to Ratchet, while in prison


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