Kerwan was a major planet in the Solana Galaxy. It was home to Aleero City where the Galactic Rangers Headquarters, the Hall of Heroes, was located.

Aleero City

Aleero City

Ratchet in Aleero City

Ratchet and Clank, in Aleero City

Hall of Heroes (2)

The Hall of Heroes

Aleero City

Aleero City was a bustling metropolis with dense skyway traffic, and a transit system consisting of hover trains.


  • Downtown Aleero City
    • Big Al's Roboshack
  • Galactic Ranger HQ
    • Hall of Heroes
    • Captain Qwark's Fitness Course
      • Summit of Justice
      • Tower of Power




Differences From Original Game


  • The city Rachet goes to is called Aleero City, while originally it was called Metropolis
  • When Ratchet arrives, he engages in dogfight with the Blarg instead of immediately landing.
  • Kerwan now has a boss: the Kerwan Warship.
  • Ratchet's ship is destroyed, sending him on the path of the game.
  • Ratchet heads straight to Al's and the Fitness Course is moved to a later point in the level.
  • Al's workshop cannot be accessed without defeating the surrounding enemies.
  • Al installs the Heli-pack for free as a favor from Cora, while in the original, it had to be purchased.
  • The train is being used to transport dangerous animals, ships and statues and Ratchet disconnects it at the end, rather than being a normal train with a few Blarg Commanders and an Infobot.
  • Ratchet receives new armor from the Galactic Rangers.
  • The prize for making it to the end of the fitness course is a Gold bolt instead of the Swingshot, due to Ratchet already having the Swingshot since he built it prior to the game's events.
  • Helga does not appear at the end of the fitness course.


  • There is only one entire path in the game, which starts with the path to the train station and goes into the obstacle course, while in the original the obstacle course was on the left of the starting area.
  • The secret area on the other side of the luggage area at the train station is not there.
  • There are multiple Qwarkbots on the obstacle course who coach Ratchet on how to get through it, instead of just one at the start.
  • Ratchet has to use the Swingshot to get to the second part of the obstacle course instead of a zip line.
  • Blarg Troopers have been added to the stage.
  • Mine Layers have been removed from the stage.


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