Kalebo III

Kalebo III is a major planet in the Solana Galaxy, home of the Gadgetron Corporation headquarters. The planet served as the galaxy's hub for the production of gadgets and weapons.


When his confidence is restored after blaming himself for the destruction of planet Novalis, Ratchet along with Clank headed to planet Kalebo III, where the blarg have staged an attack on the headquarters of Gadgetron to acquire its stockpile of advanced weaponry.

After battling their way through many blarg troops, and the Gadgetron Test Dummy security defenses they make there way into the office of the company chairman, Wendall Lumos, whom is very thankful for the Rangers help in driving off the attackers in time for an upcoming Hoverboard race championship.

The prize was the very last Hologuise, the prototype as a grand prize. Ratchet un-floods the race track with the Hydrodisplacer so the races could proceed. The duo enter the race and after winning the device, Ratchet confers with the Rangers before heading to the Deplanetizer.



  • Gadgetron Headquarters
  • Gadgetron Hoverboard Course

Characters on Kalebo III


Differences between original


  • The blarg did not attack Kalebo III in an attempt to kill Ratchet and Clank but rather to steal Gadgetron's advanced weaponry.
  • After grinding the rails, Ratchet & Clank do not meet the HelpDesk Girl at the end of the path like in the original, and instead Ratchet just finds and picks up the Map-O-Matic instead of receiving it from her or anyone.
  • The CEO stands behind a desk in his office and is relieved to meet the duo who just saved the HQ from the Blarg invasion where originally he was standing in an empty room looking out the windows not concerned about the invasion.


  • The water covering the hoverboard track must be drained with the Hydrodisplacer.
  • The Teleporter that takes you to the Gadgetron employee offices has transmorphed sheep that were blarg before rather than the transmorphed chickens that were Gadgetron employees before.
  • There are three Hoverboard race challenges instead of just one. Their start/finish lines are also moved, and they now start on the platform after the original game's first shortcut (the tunnel that requires jumping to reach)


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