Kalebo III
I'm not sure why I bother with you incompetent idiots. Alright, I'll try this one more time: You are my most elite troops. I'm sending you down to the planet's surface to destroy those trouble makers! Now go! Oh, and if you have to destroy Gadgetron to get rid of them, so be it.
Drek, to his Elite Blarg troops  [R&C]

Kalebo III was a major planet in the Solana Galaxy home to the Gadgetron site. The planet served as the Solana Galaxy's hub for the production of gadgets and weapons as a result. It was covered in many lush islands surrounded by vast oceans. Ratchet and Clank arrived there to warn the Gadgetron CEO of an upcoming attack by the blarg, but are instead caught up in a Hoverboard race to win the Hologuise, which they needed to infiltrate the Blargian base on Quartu. Furthermore, they also meet the Help Desk Girl, who gives them a Map-o-Matic.


Gadgetron site


The Gadgetron site

The Gadgetron site, also known as Gadgetron Headquarters, was the headquarters of Gadgetron Corporation, located on planet Kalebo III. It was here that most of their products—including weapons, gadgets, items, and devices—were invented. The entire site was highly advanced. This was where the Gadgetron HelpDesk office was and the HelpDesk Girl gave the duo a Map-o-Matic. Ratchet and Clank won the Hologuise from the Gadgetron CEO for winning a Hoverboard Race. The site was filled with large rooms filled with Gadetron Testbots, all who tested a variety of Gadetron weapons. During Ratchet's visit, the site was being invaded by the blarg. It was the home of the Employee Break Room.

Points of interest

  • Gadgetron lobby
  • Gadgetron Helpdesk office
  • Transportation system
Gadgetron employee breakroom

The Gadgetron employee breakroom was a room within the Gadgetron Site on planet Kalebo III where Gadgetron employees would take breaks. During Ratchet and Clank's visit to the facility when it was being invaded by Blarg commando forces, the room was infested with chickens which used the Teleporter to enter the room.

Characters on Kalebo III



  • In Size Matters, Pokitaru resembles Kalebo III.
  • There is also a glitch where you can use the Visibomb Gun to hit the switch on the other side so you can complete the Get Past the Blarg mission. This glitch is very hard.
  • It looks like the planet has water surrounding the islands, but if Ratchet fell into this "water," it was as if he fell through air. This may be because the developers decided not to animate Ratchet falling into water, as there was not enough memory or something similar, or that this is air, but it looks like water.
  • Underneath the "water" surrounding this world, Ratchet could see the racetrack where he could race the crash test dummies for the Hologuise. However, if he attempted to fall onto the track while not racing, he lost a life instead.
  • In the Platinum PAL version of the game, the 'Gadgetron' tower had 'Galactron' in the title instead.
  • Gadgetron's planet seems to be a direct contrast to MegaCorp's, as Yeedil was mostly arid and polluted due to the effect of the HQ, meanwhile this is mostly "water"-covered and quite bright.



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