Juggernaut is a multiplayer mode featured in Ratchet: Deadlocked that functions similar to Deathmatch except one of the players in this game mode is the Juggernaut.


At the start of a Juggernaut match, one of the players in the game becomes the Juggernaut, in which they have upgraded weapons despite having half of the health bar yet they can withstand more damage before being defeated unlike other players. The Juggernaut has a red, glowing aura around them. It functions similar to Deathmatch in which players try to eliminate other players until he/she reaches the kill or time limit except that whoever kills the Juggernaut becomes the next Juggernaut. The other players in the match can team up or use vehicles to kill the Juggernaut easily. The Juggernaut is not allowed to drive vehicles nor heal by breaking nanotech crates; instead, with the latter, they must kill an enemy player to gain health. Using a vehicle (i.e. Puma, Landstalker, Hovership) while becoming a Juggernaut will eventually cause your vehicle to explode, therefore it is advised to land at a safe place otherwise you no longer become the Juggernaut once you fall into the depths below.