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Juanita Alvaro
Oh come on! Will somebody just kill this little runt already?
— Juanita commenting on Ratchet on DreadZone., DL

Juanita Alvaro[1][2] is a character in Deadlocked. She is an anchorwoman for Vox News, and was the main commentator during the run of DreadZone alongside Dallas Wanamaker. Throughout her career, she appeared on the shows Love Bytes, The 'Zone, DreadZone, Vox News, Juanita and Dallas, and Galactic Glamour.


Prior to Ratchet's involvement in DreadZone, Juanita commentated on several stories with Dallas. Unlike Dallas, she stuck more closely to the script provided, and did not question the material. The two detailed slanderous stories stories about Ratchet and his allies, including claiming Sasha Phyronix was involved in corruption, as well as commenting on the performance of Captain Starshield, which Juanita claimed was "100 percent voluntary", and led into Starshield's battle with Ace Hardlight on Catacrom Four just prior to Ratchet's involvement.[3]

Juanita then commentated on Ratchet's performance alongside Dallas during his time at DreadZone. She provided more hateful and slanderous commentary on him and many of his allies throughout, such as linking him to alleged mafia groups and organized crime. Notably, she often mused on air for his painful death. Throughout the show, she was frequently irritated by Dallas's behavior towards her.

Epilogue - Juanita and Dallas

Juanita and Dallas

However, when Gleeman Vox threatened to destroy the DreadZone Station, Juanita changed her tone on Ratchet and rooted for him. She successfully managed to escape with Dallas, in an escape shuttle containing Clank, Big Al, Ratchet, Slugga, Venus, Vernon, Eugene and two Test-Bots. Afterwards, she began a new reality Holo-Vision show, Dallas and Juanita, in which she "blissfully" married him for Holo-Vision ratings. Though the marriage was supposed to have been faked, Dallas switched the justice of the peace actor with an actual justice of the peace. Juanita was unaware of this throughout her life. Nonetheless, she tried to kill him several times with a variety of booby traps and weapons; in one such episode, it consisted of bear traps, an anvil, a bomb and The Harbinger.



Juanita working for Vox News

Juanita is a humanoid robot with glowing blue eyes, red hair and a green dress. She has an hourglass figure, and a latina accent (matching her Spanish name).

Between herself and Dallas, Juanita was far more sadistic in enjoying violence of DreadZone, and hateful towards Ratchet. While her claims are likely hyperbolic, she claimed to have eaten lombax brains as a child, and later to have devoured a cameraman while watching Ratchet and Gleeman Vox fight. She also frequently grew frustrated with Dallas's sexist advances towards her, even poisoning his coffee.[3] Juanita was a cheerleader for Ace Hardlight, as she wore his underwear and had placed photos of herself all over his locker saying "Call me, I'm desperate".[3]

While Juanita appeared very hateful towards Ratchet while slandering him, and rarely questioned Vox, this was likely a result of her sticking more closely to the script than Dallas.[3] When DreadZone Station was nearly destroyed, Juanita rooted for Ratchet, and appeared to have a change of heart.

Behind the scenes

Juanita concept art

Juanita concept art

Juanita was voiced by Nika Futterman, who provided the voice of several other female characters in Deadlocked, including Hydro Girl, Janice, Vernon and Courtney Gears.

According to unused audio files, she once spent eight years at a female prison on Dalon 4.

Ratchet & Clank Manga: Volume 2

Dallas Juanita manga

Dallas and Juanita covering an episode of DreadZone

Juanita appears in Ratchet & Clank Manga: Volume 2, as an anchorwoman alongside Dallas commentating on DreadZone. Her appearance is largely similar to her original appearance.

Re-imagined appearance

Juanita re

Juanita in the Ratchet & Clank reboot

Juanita later appeared in the 2016 reboot game and reboot movie. Though her character design is near identical (apart from having more human eyes with blue pupils), her role was merged with Darla Gratch, and she presents a show known as HoloVid Nightly. Dallas Wanamaker also appears as a reporter, but does not appear to be paired up with her. While she refers to herself as Juanita Alvaro (and the movie credits list that as her name), the game's Holocard names her Darla Gratch.


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