Juanita Alvaro
Oh come on! Will somebody just kill this little runt already?
Juanita commenting on Ratchet on DreadZone.  [Deadlocked]

Juanita Alvaro[1] is an anchorwoman for Vox News, and was the main commentator during the run of DreadZone alongside Dallas Wanamaker.


Along with Dallas, Juanita commentated upon Ratchet during his time at DreadZone. She seemed to be the more aggressive of the duo, performing sadistic acts such as apparently eating lombax brains as a child and devouring a cameraman while watching Ratchet and Gleeman Vox fight. She also appears to have been a huge Ace Hardlight fan, wearing Ace Hardlight underwear and placing photos of herself all over his locker saying "Call me, I'm Desperate."> She was also constantly irritated by Dallas's sexist behavior to the point where she once poisoned his coffee. She showed a certain hatred towards Ratchet, who she hoped would die a painful death. Despite this, Juanita swiftly changed her attitude when Gleeman Vox threatened to destroy the DreadZone Station, from which she escaped with Dallas.

After DreadZone's destruction

According to reality Holo-Vision, they were both then "blissfully" married, with Juanita constantly setting deathtraps for Dallas. In fact, the marriage was a stunt to boost ratings and was part of a new TV show they hosted. Though the marriage was supposed to be fake, Dallas switched the justice of the peace actor with an actual justice of the peace. Juanita was unaware of this throughout her life.

Work for DreadZone


Juanita working for Vox News

Epilogue - Juanita and Dallas

Juanita and Dallas


Juanita concept art

Juanita concept art

  • According to cut audio files, she once spent eight years at a female prison on Dalon 4. However, the audio files were cut, and it is unknown whether this is canon.



Notes and references

  1. lists her full name as Juanita Alvaro

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