Jowai Resort, sometimes referred to as simply Jowai, was a major resort on planet Pokitaru, and a popular tourist location for residents of Solana Galaxy.


Ratchet & Clank

Blargian Pollution

Jowai Resort was a popular on Pokitaru, attracting thousands of tourists from the Solana Galaxy whom wanted a calm relaxing location to relax at. It was owned by Felton Razz along with a board of directors.

At one point in time, the facility hosted a Blarg Jet Fighter that tourists could use to fly around. Unfortunately, one of the tourists proved to be an unreliable pilot, resulting in a subsequent crash that led to massive lawsuit. From then on, the Jet Fighter was locked up in a garage. Felton did not trust other tourists to properly fly the Jet Fighter, and the board of directors did not trust Felton.

In the year 5354, the Blarg have begun to terrorize the Solana Galaxy, and one such location to fall victim was Pokitaru. Hundreds of Blarg Saucers occupied the skies above Jowai Resort, protecting massive Blarg Dump Ships that dumped waste into fragile ecosystem that existed around the resort. Soon, the docile wildlife had become ravenous mutants that quickly began to feast upon the tourists, causing many to flee. In a desperate attempt to save the business, Felton made a commercial promoting his resort to potential tourists, even offering a free O2 Mask to visitors. Nevertheless, it proved ineffective, and Felton decided to close the facility due to lack of interest.

However, Ratchet and Clank happened to visit the resort in search of an O2 Mask to use on polluted world of Orxon, the former home world of the Blarg. Felton informed them the resort the closed due to actions of the Blarg; however, he did add that he possessed a single O2 Mask. Ratchet attempted to purchase the O2 Mask (he assumed Felton was not going to give to him for free despite the Jowai Resort ad saying otherwise), but the Felton insisted his mask was not for sale. Felton did; however, promise to give the mask to Ratchet and Clank for free, if they removed the Blarg Dump Ships that were continuing to pollute the ocean, by using the resort's Jet Fighter. Of course, Felton needed Ratchet and Clank's support to reach the garage housing the Jet Fighter, as the resort's beaches were now crowded with hostile lifeforms.

Ratchet & Clank