Hostile indigenous population not owned, endorsed, sponsored, supplied, advocated or even liked by MegaCorp. Approach at your own risk.
―The Galactic Gladiators Host warning visitors of the MegaCorp Games of the Joba Tribesman.  [GC]

Joba Tribesmen were a sapient species native to planet Joba. They were close relatives of another species that later colonized Barlow, known as the Vukovar Tribesmen.


Long ago, the species that would later be known as Joba Tribesmen settled on the harsh world of Joba, the species would simply be referred to as the Joba Tribesmen by everyone else. The species often traded with their sister species, the Vukovar Tribesman, who at one point shipped over domesticated Barlowian Saur-Beasts for usage on Joba. The Joba Tribesmen would use these beasts extensively, which slowly evolved into the more hardier Jobian Saur-Beast.

The species was overly hostile to all offworlders (except for Vukovar Tribesmen), and would kill them on site.[1]


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