Hostile indigenous population not owned, endorsed, sponsored, supplied, advocated or even liked by MegaCorp. Approach at your own risk.
―The Galactic Gladiators Host warning visitors of the MegaCorp Games of the Joba Tribesman.  [GC]

The Joba Tribesmen were primitive, but tough sapients on planet Joba who attacked Ratchet on sight with either with a sword or a laser cannon. Some Tribesmen will take hold of a turret to fire at Ratchet, or even ride the Jobian Saur-Beasts for a fighting advantage. They could take quite a beating, and where much tougher and stronger than their Barlowian cousins. Their armor would fall off as a sign of damage.

Mostly, they were encountered in medium to large groups, often accompanied with Jobian Saur-Beasts. They could be highly dangerous if engaged directly in open combat, as they could easily overwhelm Ratchet with their numbers, if not dealt with quickly. That; however, was not always an easy task.

Types of Joba Tribesmen

Tribesman chielf artwork

Generally, there was no physical difference in the Tribesmen's appearance, but they were able to wield different weaponry, swords, shields, guns and turrets. Below is an in-depth description of the respective forms of the Joba Tribesmen.


This type was the most common and normal form of the Joba Tribesmen, and fought mainly with a sword. They also sometimes carried shields, and to kill them, Ratchet would have to destroy their shield first. Aside from being able to take quite a lot af shooting and bashing, they mostly attacked in large groups, in hopes of overwhelming the Lombax.

The Soldiers with shields fought in a similar way to their Barlowian counterparts, as they usually ran up to Ratchet, and slowly closed in, often in a semicircle; if they could; however, they would try to fully surround him. The soldiers without shields would keep running without slowing down, to strike Ratchet, if he was running away.

This type made up for most of the Joba Tribesmen, and was by far the most common.


This was a particularly more dangerous form of the Joba Tribesmen, as they usually stood at a good distance, and fired 3 rapid, green blasts from a powerful gun that resembled the Blaster, packing a mean punch. In a large group of Tribesmen, there was mostly about only 1-2 Snipers. They often tried to snipe Ratchet while he was busy fighting their fellow, sword-wielding comrades. However, as they mostly stood behind the group of assaulting Soldiers, the Snipers could actually fire and kill their own comrades, because they would just shoot after Ratchet, not thinking of blasting down their own kind.

Some of the Snipers mounted Jobian Saur-Beasts, and shot at Ratchet with a height advantage, decreasing the chance of shooting the Soldiers. That could particularly be a problem, as Ratchet would have a hard time dealing with Soldiers, while he also tried to knock the Snipers off their Beast. If they were knocked off, they would roar angrily and try to shoot the Lombax with uncontrolled rage. However, that did not decrease their accuracy.

In close combat, the Snipers would try to hit Ratchet with their gun, while charging a shot to deal extra damage.

Turret soldiers

Some of the Soldiers/Marksmen could be found controlling a turret, that could fire powerful shots at a high rate of fire. They could be a pain to knock off, as they would immediately try to mount it again.

Similar to the Snipers, they could accidentally shoot the Soldiers, and because of their high rate of fire, they could easily wipe the screen off from their own kind. That was very useful if one was in a hurry.

Fighting tactics

Despite being primitive, the Joba Tribesmen mostly fought tactically to overwhelm their targets. Most of them engaged Ratchet directly with swords (see above), often attacking in large groups, while others stood at a distance, sniping him with laser guns (see above). As the marksmen with swords kept Ratchet busy fighting them, the snipers could manage to inflict heavy damage to him, before he could manage to get close to them. It was recommended to find and kill the snipers as fast as possible, as their laser was very fast and powerful.

Aside from being able to snipe Ratchet and engage him in fierce, melee combat, the Joba Tribesmen would often have Jobian Saur-Beasts to charge him. This made for a good fighting advantage, as the Beasts were very tough and strong, providing excellent support of the Tribesmen. Some of the sniper Tribesmen could be found riding Jobian Saur-Beasts, providing a height advantage, and a defense advantage. They could; however, be knocked of their Beast, and killed afterwards.

One can also use the turrets scattered among Joba and use it against the Tribesmen, usually causing the Tribesmen and even their beasts to run for cover. If the player gets off, the Tribesmen will simply charge back with their beasts. A more tactical player should use this tactic to their advantage to draw them out in the open and regain control of the turret and open fire. This proves to be useful when conserving ammo.

Recommended weapons

Recommended weapons for defeating the Joba Tribesmen most easily were the Heavy Lancer, Mini-Nuke, Bouncer, and Vaporizer as they could deal massive damage to the assasulting groups. The Heavy Lancer could be used to fire and endless stream while backing away from the charging Joba Tribesmen, and after a little while, the screen would be cleared of Tribesmen. The Mini-Nuke and Bouncer could be used for ambushing unsuspecting Tribesmen, as at a distance, they would not notice Ratchet unless he moved closer. Most often, the Tribesmen stood in groups talking, and if delivering a Mini-Nuke or Bouncer bomb in the middle of such a group, there would sometimes not be need of open combat.

An effective weapon of dealing with Sniper Joba Tribesmen would be the Vaporizer. Because of its great range and zoom-function, dealing with sniping Tribesmen could be done from a great distance, without them spotting Ratchet first. If Ratchet spotted a large group of Joba Tribesmen, he could search it for Tribesmen holding a gun, and pick them off before engaging directly in open combat with the sword-wielding marksmen. The sniper Tribesmen would most often be seen walking back and forth, behind the group of marksmen, or riding Jobian Saur-Beasts. If riding one, they could; however, still be killed by shooting them of their Beast. Headshots were always recommended.