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Hostile indigenous population not owned, endorsed, sponsored, supplied, advocated or even liked by MegaCorp. Approach at your own risk.
— The Galactic Gladiators Host warning visitors of the MegaCorp Games of Joba of the native Tribesman., GC

Joba was a jungle world which hosted the MegaCorp Games and Hoverbike Races. The local sapients, the Joba Tribesman were not keen on visitors, and would violently slaughter intruders on sight. The Jobian Climate was said to be quite harsh, which encouraged many organisms to adapt.

Characters on Joba


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Ratchet on planet Joba


Arena Enemies


The jungles of Joba are said to be extremly harsh, and creatures here must be tough to survive. Some of these creatures were already native such as the Joba Birdie and Joba Firefly. Others were brought here by the nomadic Tribesmans from Barlow such as the, Saur-Beasts, who adapted into Jobian Saur-Beasts.


  • Jobian Saur-Beasts: A creature native originally to Barlow, the Tribesman brought them here to be used as beasts of burden. They look similar to Barlow's Saur-Beast, except are more blue in color and stronger than their cousins on Barlow.

Other Creatures

  • Joba Birdie: Small light pink birds with duck/seagull looks, they can be seen flying around the skies of Joba. If they see Ratchet, they flee into sky, for being shot at. A skill point called Bye Bye Birdies is rewarded for shooting a number of them.
  • Joba Firefly: Harmless tiny insects seen around Joba, are most likely the prey to the Jobian Bird.

Hoverbike races

A Nanotech Boost can be collected and the skill point How fast was that? can be earned in the Hoverbike Races on Joba.

Behind the scenes

Joba is seen in a trailer for Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters. However, Ratchet and Clank never visit Joba again in the game.[1]

Hoverbike Races

Joba is the second planet where hoverbike races occur in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.


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