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A tourist Jet Fighter on Pokitaru

The Jet Fighter, also called the Jet Plane or Blarg fighter, was a type of fighter used by Ratchet in the original game. It was also used by enemy Blarg on occasion.


Jet Fighters were vehicles used in the Solana Galaxy, they were the first vehicle developed in this galaxy to be piloted purely by thought, via the Pilot's Helmet. Prototype versions of this ship were seen in the Blarg Depot on Gaspar, as this was where the technology for them was developed.

In-game information

As a vehicle

Futuristic jet fighter

Ratchet flying a jet fighter

Ratchet used Jet Fighters on three different occasions. The first was to take out the Blarg Dumper ships on Pokitaru. The second was in a dogfight against Qwark at the Gemlik Base. Lastly, it was used to take out Drek's defenses on his fleet. Possessing the Pilot's Helmet was required to fly it. The ship was equipped with a machine gun and missile launcher. The missiles could be obtained from enemy ships around the area, as well as health pick-ups.

Holding L3 while turning, gave the fighter the ability to turn a little quicker.

As an enemy


Ratchet being attacked by a Blarg Fighter

Jet Fighters also appeared as enemies, with a slightly different design, piloted by the Blarg. The ones used by Blarg were sometimes called "Blarg Space Fighters" to differentiate. They were encountered in the Gemlik Base, Oltanis Orbit.


When you were spotted by one, you should take evasive action and run from their line of fire, since these ships shot a volley of missiles at Ratchet. You should then had to stay at a far distance and use a strong weapon like the Devastator and Visibomb Gun to take them down.