For similiar boots used by Ratchet, see Hoverboots.
These Cougar Jet Signature Series shoes have been banned from all the Roboball tournaments from 0x4d47 onwards because the powerful rockets were augmenting robo-athlete's performance unfairly.
―Gadget description  [SAC]
Jet Boots

The Jet Boots were of the Cougar Jet Signature Series. They were powerful rockets that allowed the user to burst upwards a short distance and could be used to glide much like the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack. The jet boots were banned from all Roboball tournaments from 0x4d47 onwards as they improved the robo-athletes' performances unfairly.

Clank used Jet Boots during Secret Agent Clank, and Klunk also used his own pair during the final battle - though his produced red flames.

Similar boots

The Jet Boots glide function was similar to that of the Hoverboots.

A pair of similar boots were used by Chainblade in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando in order to hover. Qwark's boots in Secret Agent Clank functioned the same way as Chainblade's in his battle with the mechanical monster


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