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The term "Javelin Valkyrie" is conjectural. The real name is unknown, and a non-canonical nickname or title is used instead. See the reasons for this title in the "Behind the scenes" section below and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.

Javelin Valkyries were Valkyries armed with deadly javelins. Some could even fly.


Javelin Valkyries as the name suggests, were Valkyries armed with a javelin. However, their javelins weren't a stick, it was an explosive rocket capable of being thrown as a great distant. They are highly accurate enemies, and the player must be ready to dodge an incoming javelin. If Ratchet ran up to them, they would normally run away until they were at safe distance, and then throw their explosive javelin. However, they could, on occasion, stab Ratchet with their javelin before running away. While a few fought on the ground, most were equipped with wing-jetpacks, being able to bombard Ratchet from the safety of the air. A good way to destroy them was while dealing with them, trying to "unwing" the Valkyrie over a cliff, which would kill them instantly. If they landed on the ground, they would attack on foot.


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