Ivana Lottabolts' Palace
Ski Comet

The palace

Ivana Lottabolts' Palace was a palace located on Glaciara, home to Ivana Lottabolts. The Palace was heavily guarded by Ivana's Guards, who would prepare to shoot if anyone tried to get into the castle without an invitation. The Palace was filled with luxurious, crystalline decorations. The most important part of the Palace was Ivana's Ballroom, where she would often organise parties and dance with other robotic aristocrats.

During the events of Secret Agent Clank, Clank danced with Ivana in order to learn the location of the Eye of Infinity. Ivana boobytrapped the ballroom in order to destroy Clank. The music played during their dance was named "The Tango of 100 Sorrows", an obvious reference to Ivana's traps.

Once Ivana was defeated in her own game, she revealed that the Eye of Infinity was taken by her associate, The Kingpin, and said that perhaps she and Clank could dance sometime. Clank proptly refused, letting Ivana fall on the floor, and escaped the palace.


  • It is unknown if the Ivana's Palace was inherited by Ivana or built after her Ivana's father perished.
  • The palace was decorated with crystals found on Glaciara.



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