Ivana Lottabolts was a wealthy countess who inherited a great fortune from her father, who brought civilization to the Glaciara comet. She was a skilled dancer, and had a deep love of music. The owned a fancy, massive palace on Glaciara. In order to learn the whereabouts of the Eye of Infinity, Clank had to dance with her. Unbeknownst to Clank, Ivana had booby-trapped the dancing floor in order to eliminate Clank. She danced "The Tango of 100 Sorrows" with Clank, who turned her traps against her. After the dance ended, she revealed that her associate, The Kingpin, had taken the Eye. She then asked if Clank and her could dance again sometime, to which Clank replied with "Doubtful.", dropping her on the floor and escaping from her palace.

Ivana was weakened from the dance, and so that she sent her guards to pursue Clank through the Ski Slopes. They failed miserably, much to Ivana's anger.


  • Her name is a play on words of "I wanna lotta bolts" ("I want a lot of bolts").
  • When dancing with her, if you have the Klunk skin, her eyes will sometimes stay green. [citation needed]