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Gadgetron's Trespasser is the perfect device for getting past Invinco-Locks. Simply stand on the activation pad for an Invinco-Lock and press circle to bring up the Invinco-Lock interface.
— In-game description, R&C

The Trespasser is a gadget in Ratchet & Clank. It is an infiltration device that is used to open invinco-locks by hacking into them using advanced poly-laser technology to hack internal photon receptors and trigger locks. The player must complete a short laser puzzle to bypass a lock.

The Trespasser is obtained on planet Aridia, after traversing an area using the Swingshot. The Infiltrator by MegaCorp used a similar design.




The Trespasser opens an Invinco-lock, and presents the player with a puzzle. These present Invinco-locks as a circle with receptors for beams to hit, with the beams and their starting generators arranged on three circles which could be rotated to move the laser. The player must connect every receptor to a beam.

Behind the scenes

Artwork Weapon Trespasser

Concept art

The Trespasser did not return in other games, though it was featured in the 2016 reboot, with new minigames. The minigames are slightly altered in that sometimes the player may be required to deactivate a circle of lasers or blockers in order to connect beams to all receptors.