Gadgetron will pay me millions!
— The Inventor after successfully testing the Thermanator., GC

The Inventor was a former Gadgetron scientist and the inventor of the Thermanator. He was frozen in ice when Ratchet first met him while on planet Barlow. Many years ago, the inventor was employed by Gadgetron at their facility on Barlow in the Bogon Galaxy. He eventually invented the Thermanator, which could freeze or liquefy any liquid substance. He likely froze himself with it by accident as he tested it, and was one of the few Gadgetron employees left behind when the company abandoned its facilities in the Bogon galaxy.

Thermanator Scientist

The Thermanator scientist frozen in ice

The scientist was freed by Ratchet as the latter was exploring the facility ruins. He, apparently unaware that he had been frozen for so long, declared his invention a success and sought to display it to his bosses. Therefore, he was stunned to hear from Ratchet that Gadgetron was long gone and replaced by MegaCorp. He then sold Ratchet the Thermanator for a moderate price. Still eager to continue his experiments, he left to see if MegaCorp was hiring.

He had appeared to be the same species as other fellow scientists from the Solana Galaxy, Fred and the Ultra-Mech Scientist.