DZ Interplanetary transport
Clank: Unidentified craft approaching!
Big Al: Uh oh!
Clank and Big Al [Deadlocked]

The Interplanetary Transport, also known as a Planetary Transport, was DreadZone spaceship designed by Vox Industries to act as a transport across the galaxy for DreadZone gladiators or Vox's personal.

DreadZone gladiators would use these vessels to travel between worlds to complete DreadZone Battlecourses. To prevent a gladiator form using these vessel to escape the confines of Vox Media Empire, the spaceship traveled on a planned course to reach a DreadZone Battlecourse, any attempt at hacking the navigation system of the ship would result in the spaceship self-destructing.

The spaceships also served a more insidious purpose as well, being used by Vox's goons to kidnapped heroes, often being seen before and after a famous hero is kidnapped. One such vessel ambushed the Starship Phoenix in Quadrant J0713, kidnapping Ratchet, Clank and Big Al.


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