Render Infiltrator

The Infiltrator was a MegaCorp item used to hack into locks and vaults. It used a sphere with nodes at appropriate intervals. Ratchet needed to connect a line from the starting node back to itself. There would only ever be one solution. Its design was based on stolen Gadgetron Tresspasser technology, which MegaCorp claimed they had merely "borrowed" from Gadgetron.

The infiltrator could be obtained on planet Joba by winning the second challenge in the arena

Used on


  • According to the Gadget info in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, the Infiltrator was a stolen design from Gadgetron.
  • The Infiltrator, along with an Electrolyzer and Hacker, all could be equipped in your hand through a bug, even though they all were items and therefore unequippable. This suggests that it was going to be a gadget at one point, just like the Trespasser.
  • In the Insomniac Museum, there is an area where, by tweaking values, you could create your own custom Infiltrator puzzle.
    • It is even possible to make a puzzle without connecting any nodes or connecting just one node.


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