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The Infiltrator is an item in Going Commando. It is a MegaCorp handheld item that is used to hack into locks and vaults based on Trespasser technology. This is done using a sphere with nodes at appropriate intervals, and Ratchet hacked into a vault by connecting a line from the starting node back to itself before time runs out. Only one solution is possible.

The Infiltrator is obtained on Joba by completing the second arena challenge in the MegaCorp Games. It is used to find secrets and progress through the main storyline. Infiltrator locks can be found on Endako in Megapolis, on Joba, on Todano, on Aranos in the Flying Lab, on Grelbin, on Smolg in the Distribution Facility, and on Yeedil. The player can also create a custom Infiltrator puzzle in the Insomniac Museum.

The Electrolyzer can also be obtained, which is also used to plug into sockets and access areas, but has different functionality and is instead used to repair circuits.

Behind the scenes

Unlike Electrolyzer puzzles, which took hours to develop and were bug prone, Infiltrator puzzles were simpler to author, allowing them to be authored in the Insomniac Museum. This inspired the Hacker puzzles in Up Your Arsenal, designed to make its minigames very easy for developers to author.[1]