Inferno Crate RC3

Inferno crates were special crates in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. They cannot be opened with weapon-fire and must be hit with the wrench. They are orange with a black rim and adorned with the symbol of a red flame with a darker red silhouette of Ratchet in the middle.

When smashed, Ratchet is bestowed with the Infernox Armor and dual wields two Infernox Wrenches for a limited time in a form known as Infernox Ratchet. While under the effects of Inferno Power, Ratchet is invulnerable and is capable of dealing instant kills with his standard wrench attacks. A "tick" sound is heard when the effect is about to run out.

Although Inferno crates are most commonly found at Annihilation Nation, they can be found on other planets.


  • The Inferno crate can be opened by using the Charge Boots to fly through it while the Wrench is equipped.
  • With Inferno Mode activated, there was a glitch which allowed players to "Switch-back" to their currently-worn armour using the Skins feature, thus molding the Infernox armor with any of the lower-grade armors (excluding the Infernox Armor, although the Inferno-effect armor was of a lower graphic quality than the Infernox armor). It would remain this way until players switched skins or changed levels.
  • With the Double-Bladed Laser Sword cheat enabled the range of the wrench is extended, but the additional range of the weapon is not affected by the One Hit Knockout effect of Inferno Mode, dealing standard damage instead; therefore it is more effective to turn it off while it is active.
  • On Annihilation Nation, Inferno Mode is disabled and any Inferno crates shatter at the beginning of a boss battle.
  • In the Up Your Arsenal demo on Marcadia, Inferno Mode could be witnessed during a cutscene. This was addressed in the official release, and now Inferno Mode is disabled at the beginning of a cutscene.

Behind the scenes

  • Because of the added second wrench, the designers had originally planned to have a set of double-handed special attack animations for the Inferno crate, but were cut because of development time.[1]


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