The Impossible Challenge was an arena challenge on planet Joba, organized by MegaCorp for the MegaCorp Games. It was comprised of both standard and cage matches, which alternated every 5 rounds. It had a total of 60 rounds, finishing with a battle with Megapede. It offered the highest value prize for a challenge in Going Commando of 200,000 bolts in standard mode and 2,000,000 bolts in Challenge Mode. The skill point 'That's impossible!' was awarded upon completion, which unlocked the Snowdude skin in the cheats menu.


To beat this, it is useful, though not essential, to have the Tetrafiber Armor, and the RYNO II. It's also recommended you have the Nanotech upgrade meter three-quarters full, so you will get an instant health replenish sometime through the challenge. Battle through the first nine rounds as you normally would, and then, when it gets to the 10th round, throw down one or two decoys from the Decoy Glove. Defend them at all costs, beat the round, and then when you fall back to the floor from Cage Match mode, the decoys will still be there. The enemies will gather around the spot directly above the decoys, and ignore you. Kill them all with the wrench, and the enemies in the next round will do the same. When it gets to the next cage match, if you have your Shield Charger/Tesla Barrier up, it will shut down, and the decoys will disappear. Then just repeat the strategy. Please note that if you use the Sheepinator, enemies may stop spawning after you use it, and you may have to start the challenge again thanks to this.

Instead of planting a decoy at the start of the cage match, wait until the last cage match round, kill all enemies but a few, and then plant a decoy. This saves much work and has more chance of your decoy staying alive. And If you use this tip, it is better to use your Shield Charger/Tesla Barrier in a cage match as you require no use of protection if enemies do not attack you. Once you reach Megapede, it's good to either use the RYNO II or the Minirocket Tube against it.


  • The part of the HUD which displayed the round number would show: "Round number/???" instead of: "Round number/60." This was most likely to keep the round amount a secret.