The Hypnotist was a mysterious tortoise-like man who lived in Allgon City on Planet Damosel. He had black hair; a gray, lizard-like face; always seems tired and talked through the use of a sock puppet. The Hypnotist did not seem very in tune with the world around him. The sock puppet appeared to have more control over the Hypnotist's body than the hypnotist himself. However, he was an expert at assembling Hypnomatics and specialized in hypnotism. In exchange for some bolts, he assembled the pieces of Ratchet's Hypnomatic so that the duo could use them on the Receiver Bots.

Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

He appeared again at the very end, watching the Secret Agent Clank. He himself was asleep, but his puppet was watching eagerly, implying the puppet had gained more control over the year.

Behind the scenes