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Nefarious: Say hello to…
Lawrence: Not the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler…
The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler!
Hypersonic brainwave scrambler

The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler was a machine invented by Dr. Nefarious. Its green dome and visible cranial components were designed to be a homage to its master.


Tombli Outpost

This is your last chance, Orvus. How do I get into the chamber‽'
―Dr. Nefarious during the interrogation and torture of Orvus  [ACiT]

Dr. Nefarious first used the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler to torture the Zoni leader, Orvus, in the Tombli Outpost on Zanifar. Nefarious was planning to get control of the Great Clock in order to rewrite history, and he needed access to the Orvus Chamber. Through the intelligence of Pollyx Industries, Nefarious knew that the Zoni were susceptible to sonic weaponry, and so that he used the machine to blast Orvus with energy when he denied giving into the interrogation. In the meantime, Pollyx was scanning Orvus's memory for some sign of the key to the chamber, but was unable to. Fed up with Pollyx's failure and impatient with Orvus's pleas to not use the clock, an enraged Nefarious signalled the machine to blast Orvus again.

Despite being greatly weakened by the device's previous sonic blasts, Orvus managed to hold off the beam, everyone present covering their eyes from the glare of the held-out blast. Declaring that the only one who would be able to enter the Orvus Chamber was safe from Dr. Nefarious, Orvus vanished in thin air and cut off the blast. Unable to deduce where he went, Nefarious and Pollyx had still discovered the key to the chamber from Orvus's memory: Clank, his son. This allowed Nefarious to lure the other Zoni and Clank into a trap of his behind-the-scenes designs involving the Great Clock a short time later.

Great Clock

One Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler… scrambled.
―Clank after destroying the mechanical menace  [ACiT]

With Clank imprisoned in the Great Clock, Dr. Nefarious worked for over a year to try and hack his brain in order to get inside the Orvus Chamber, under the pretense that he was repairing Clank's seemingly dysfunctional memory for the Zoni. After a time, Nefarious became impatient with pretending to be an ally of the Zoni, wanting only to access the chamber. When he let his desire slip out while scanning Clank's brain, the Zoni stood in his way, firmly telling him that he was forbidden from seeing the chamber. With this, Nefarious decided to end his 'partnership' with the Zoni. He then reached behind his back and with 'assistance' from a sarcastic Lawrence, dramatically introduced the device.

Dr. Nefarious pulled out the small, folded up ball and threw it into the air. It then opened up, and let off waves of sonic energy from its two side circular openings. It then chased the three Zoni, who were helpless to stand up to it, out the room, breaking much of the equipment around the mnemonic station in the process as Nefarious laughed maniacally. A black-out then occurred in the clock, as the equipment, much like the Zoni themselves, was especially susceptible to sonic weaponry, a fact Lawrence apologized for not mentioning earlier. When the back-up generators activated the next moment, Nefarious noticed that Clank had awakened and escaped his confinement in the darkness, fleeing from the doctor down the hall after the Zoni.

Clank avoided the Nefarious Troopers as the 117,000 Zoni also fled from them and evacuated the clock. The Zoni the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler had been chasing alluded its grasp as it continued to aimlessly crash into different parts of the clock and cause several temporal disruptions, which ironically helped Clank in his escape as Sigmund guided him. It's hectic rampage also let in many Teratropes. Dr. Nefarious soon managed to recapture Clank after knocking him out with the orb of gratuitous immobilization. Leaving Lawrence to keep tabs on Clank and Sigmund, the doctor and his forces left the Great Clock so that they could finish with the rest of the doctor's plans in the Breegus System.

In the meantime, the Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler was left to roam free through the Great Clock, mindlessly crashing into and damaging much machinery even after all the Zoni had gone. It's rampage began to annoy Sigmund, Junior Caretaker of the Great Clock, very much, who swore to have his vengeance on the machine for all the trouble it was causing and making his job more difficult. After learning of the security mechanisms and the guidelines to being the suitable new Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, Clank confronted the device on a platform. Wielding the Chronoscepter, Clank destroyed the machine in combat as Lawrence silently watched.

The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler tried getting assistance from Teratropes and fired its various energy forms at Clank, but was defeated through his scepter's ability to manipulate time, being slowed down and smashed apart. It eventually completely exploded, and by the end of the conflict with Dr. Nefarious and a treacherous General Azimuth, all the damage it had done to the clock was completely repaired thanks to the help of the safely returned Zoni and Ratchet.


The Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler had two spherical openings at each side that released sonic waves. It also had a laser blaster with two pincer-like appendages which unfolded from underneath when activated. This fired beams of sonic energy. In its battle with Clank, it had three attacks: a charge that released several electrocuting spheres, a shockwave, and a forcefield that electrocuted those that touched it. It could also set loose a spawn of Teratropes by firing its laser into the ground.


  • The device resembled and often made sounds like a Boombox. Ironically, the head of a common Zoni also resembled a boombox.
  • In the Insomniac Museum, there was a Hypersonic Brainwave Scrambler model which originally was look like before the newer model. It was a black round object with a hypnotising spiral. Its original design was actually based on the IT-O Interrogator from Star Wars Episode IV.[1]
  • The hyper brainwave scambler is one of the few weapons that was designed to kill Zoni.


Notes and references

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