Hypernova Defense Laser
Nefarious: Laaawreeence! Activate the Hypernova Defense Laser!
Lawrence: Right away sir, Stand clear.
―Nefarious and Lawrence  [ACiT]

The Hypernova Defence Laser was made by the Terachnoids for the purpose of destroying any asteroids that came close to the Nefarious Space Station. The Hypernova Defence Laser was constructed due to Nefarious' hatred of asteroids, likely due to his long stay on one. It and the entire Nefarious Space Station was destroyed during Nefarious's fight with Ratchet and Clank on the transport. Lawrence used it by the orders of Dr. Nefarious to try and destroy Ratchet.

It was stated to be capable of atomizing someone, and was shown easily destroying large meteors and warships, even when not at "maximum annihilation." When it's output was at maximum annihilation it could easily destroy parts of the Nefarious Space Station. It was implied to be a Hypernova which was concentrated and fired out the station's "eyes."


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