The Agorians humiliated (and killed) several alien species for at least a decade as part of their Humiliate a Race Campaign

The Humiliate a Race Campaign were a series of ongoing wars first initiated by the warlike Agorians when they were led by Commander Argos.

Commander Argos ACIT

Commander Lornock Argos, the Agorian who instigated the infamous Humiliate a Race Campaign

During Argo's reign, the Agorians took control of most Korthos Sector and began a series of invasions of the Vullard homeworld of Lumos, which continued well beyond Argos death; Ratchet was known to have defeated the Agorians in Krell Canyon during the Agorians 118th invasion of Lumos. The Vullards have managed to end their long war with the Agorians (at least temporally) in exchange for giving the Agorians Vullard Fusion Turrets.

During the same period as the early invasions of Lumos, the Agorians also expanded their control of Corvus Sector, where they encountered a Fongoid tribe on the swamp world of Morklon. The Agorians led by Argos claimed Morklon as their own and demanded the Fongoids vacant the planet. The Fongoids refused however, and their chief Zahn Gribnak led a poorly trained and armed team of Fongoid warriors to resist the Agorians, commencing in Battle of Gimlick Valley. The Fongoids were easily defeated, jailed, temporally let free, jailed again and finally executed. With no one to resist them, Agorian ships blew the Erundai floodgate, flooding the Erundai Outpost and killing off all but a single lone Fongoid. The Agorians promptly left Morklon following the battle. However, Ratchet and Clank would later travel back in time and aid the Fongoids in winning the Battle of Gimlick Valley.

The Agorians also launched a serious of campaigns in the Bernilius Sector during Argo's reign of terror.